8 Best Dog Leashes For Large Dogs (2022 Top Picks)

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There is a substantial list of things that a new dog owner must have. You will need everything, including the dog food and bowl, a comfortable bed, and a durable leash.

Because of this, we evaluated over 25 leashes available. Wrote reviews of the 8 best dog leashes for large dogs. We have also developed a buyer’s guide for better understanding. This should help you decide which leash to get for your big dog.

Top FeatureBrandPriceColorsTypeRating
Best OverallPaw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash$3Nylon LeashA+
Durable Nylon Material Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Dog Leash$$7Nylon LeashA+
Comfortable to Hold Hertzko Retractable Leash for Big Dogs$$$1Retractable LeashB
Difficult to ChewPettom Chrome Plated Strong Chain Leash$$3Chain LeashB+
No Slip HandleSparklypets Rope Dog Leash For Large Dogs$$8Rope Dog LeashA
Made From Mountain Climbing RopeZippyPaws Climbers Rope Dog Leash$$8Rope Dog LeashA+
15 OR 30 Feet Long LeashMighty Paw Long Leash for Big Dogs
$1Long Nylon LeashA
Strong LeatherADITYNA Leather Leash for Tough Dogs$$$$1Leather Dog LeashA+

A Quick Look at Our Top Picks for the Best Dog Leashes For Large Dogs

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8 Best Dog Leashes For Large Dogs (In-Dept Reviews)

Here, we have reviewed the best dog leashes for large dogs so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash


Love taking your dog outdoors and looking for a durable and comfortable leash for the big hound?

Then this is the leash you’ve been looking for. The extra heavy-duty design is perfect for daily wear or camping adventures. In addition to the tough, rugged construction, the leash has been padded with a premium handle for maximum comfort and tight grip. The extra-long nylon cord adds safety and control as you walk your dog.

The luminous reflective threading keeps you both safe and visible at night. Paw Lifestyles dog leash is the best way to safely control your dog, this leash is designed with comfort and usability in mind. Ideal for dogs who like to run off in streets, parks, and other areas. Paw Lifestyles provides a 100% guarantee to the purchase in case you don’t love the dog leash.

This leash is also a great choice for training purposes as it can handle stronger dogs. The leash is thicker than standard dog leashes and can easily withstand aggressive pulling that is enough to consider it as the best leash for large breed dogs.

The padded handle is the best feature of Paw Lifestyles dog leash that is loved by many. People love the comfort, and the handle loop is big enough to cover the entire hand. It does not hurt even when the dog is pulling aggressively. The double-layered leash to resist the chewing of the big canine. However, due to continues chewing the leash may start to tear off with time.

2. Max and Neo Reflective Nylon Dog Leash


Max and Neo heavy-duty dog leash is a leash that will work for years to come. This durable dog leash is designed to handle the largest breeds.

Made from durable nylon webbing, this leash is strong enough for dogs that weigh upwards of 80 pounds. The padded soft neoprene handle ensures comfort and supports the wrist. Its sturdy built allows you to easily control the dog without being tangled during any activity. The Lightweight metal clasps are durable yet secure so you can rest assured that your dog will remain under your control at all times. The material used is reflective and textured for better visibility during nighttime walks.

Giving a warranty in case of any defect in material, Max and Neo even provide returns on accidental chewing. So, remember to register your leash as soon it gets delivered. Upon every purchase, they donate a leash for dog rescue as every dog deserves the best care.

Folks just love the comfort of the padded handle; the leash is strong and has a very nice built. Contrary to all the pros, this leash has sharp edges, that can hurt your fingers. Some individuals had an opinion that it is best for well-behaved dogs, however not for dogs that full a lot.

3. Hertzko Retractable Leash for Big Dogs


Hertzko’s heavy-duty dog leash is perfect for active dogs that need to stay close at hand. Manufacturers are providing eco-friendly solutions and quickly becoming the standard of care for pet owners by offering durable dog leashes for keeping your dog safe and secure. Built from premium quality materials, the durable dog leash is designed to be strong, strong enough to handle even the strongest of dogs.

The secure locking mechanism allows testing different leash lengths to fit a variety of conditions. This strong leash is made with durable nylon for all-weather protection. It has a grippy handle that makes it easy to control your dog’s movement. A convenient anti-slip handle means the leash remains in your hand when you need it most.

Durable nylon ribbon allows your dog to move freely but is well under control. It can complement any dog harness with its versatile color. The leash is perfect for all walks and exercise routines.

This tough retractable dog leash is well known for its durable Nylon material and the retractable mechanism makes it best for large dogs. However, it is not at all a good option for a dog that chews ropes and leashes.

4. Pettom Chrome Plated Strong Chain Leash


Pettom chain-style dog leashes are durable and attractive. Made of premium chrome-plated stainless steel, they are long-lasting and very strong. A practical snap hook makes this chain leash easy to attach to any collar or harness.

With a foam handle that is comfortable to hold, the dog leash is designed to keep you comfortable when your dog pulls. Made with weather-resistant materials and high-strength hardware, these chains will last for years. Designed with safety in mind, these chains are ideal for both everyday use and for long walks on a leash. The chromium steel finish allows it to match up with your dog’s collar and make it a fashionable accessory.

This heavy-duty steel chain outperforms all others in strength, flexibility, and durability. It won’t snap and the rust-resistant chain will keep it functional for years to come. Due to its ruggedness and yet premium look, it can easily be placed as the best dog leash for strong dogs.

5. Sparklypets Rope Dog Leash For Large Dogs


Sparklypets Rope Dog Leash is a sturdy, strong bungee leash designed for large dogs. Its reflective feature makes it easy to spot your pet in the dark. With 6 handpicked colors and stylish designs, is sure to please any dog owner. Natural leather joints and reflective stitched details add a touch of style for every occasion.

Featuring a thick rope, this durable leash is perfect for dogs who don’t mind tearing out other leashes. Made with tough nylon, this sturdy leash is great for those who are fed up with the wear and tear on regular leashes. It works best with big dogs that are 30 lbs and up. The heavy-duty rope leash can be used to strengthen your dog’s leash-tugging capacity

It has a unique elastic bungee that allows you to control your dog without the worry of escaping. This leash can be used with or without the elastic bungee, depending on how strong the dog is.

This thick rope leash is made for dogs who are strong, or for pets who have a tendency to pull a lot. All these features make this leash the best leash for big dogs that pull a lot.

6. ZippyPaws Climbers Rope Dog Leash


ZippyPaws is a well-known leash brand with very good quality dog leashes. This product is made of high-quality climbing rope, which is durable, strong, and flexible. The short length is ideal for general walking and keeping your dog close so they can hear and obey your commands. A strong snap hook will clip securely to the collar.

As compared to nylon, climbing rope is less stretchy in width and more durable than nylon, thus working great for heavy-duty use. This leash will never break or fray and is designed to be strong enough to handle your dog’s the best.

The rope is softly woven and is comfortable on the hands to provide a gentle grip. It has a non-slip grip that ensures your dog can walk safely without slipping off the leash. All in all, the thick metal clasp and mountain climbing rope are strong enough to overcome the tugging of the heavy canine.

7. Mighty Paw Long Leash for Big Dogs


If you want to give off-leash training to your big dog, you’ll need a long leash. The Mighty Paw Long Leash is strong and durable, yet lightweight and comfortable to use. The handle has a buckle that opens to allow the leash to be secured around trees, posts, or tables. They featured a neoprene-pad handle that provides comfort.

The leashes come in a 15 feet or 30 feet size. This is an essential piece of equipment for any dog owner who wants to train or do behavioral adjustment sessions with their dog.

This long leash provides a comfortable feel that allows your dog to have more freedom. Both you and your dog will love the feeling of being free to roam, without worrying about your dog being lost.

With the help of this leash, you can quickly let your dog know when it needs to come back. Easy on the hands and easy on the dog, this lead is all about flexibility and comfort. Its strength, durability, and comfort make it a perfect accessory for an outdoor adventure with the big mutt.

8. ADITYNA Leather Leash for Tough Dogs


A fashionable and practical dog leash for large and extra-large dogs.

ADITYNA’s leather leash is handmade from top-quality leather, it’s a durable leash that is tough enough for weathering, cracking, and tearing. The leather texture and comfort prevent you from burning your hands when the dog pulls hard. The soft and flexible leather leash ensures longevity.

Its stylish design and durability make this a great option for any outdoor activity. These sturdy leashes are made from genuine leather to ensure they stand up to harsh outdoor conditions. You can even use them as an attractive fashion accessory for the dog with a matching collar. It is available in two different sizes and thicknesses. The leash comes with a 2 years fully backed refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the results.

The best thing about this dog leash is the double-stitched design that ensures strength. The buckle for the leash is made of metal along with a hanging ring and a clip for maximum strength.

Buyer’s Guide: Choose The Best Leash for Large Dogs

We’ll discuss criteria and a few features that may assist you in deciding which leash to buy for a strong Husky, German Shepherd, or Pitbull now that you’ve seen some of these options.

Leash Material

Nylon is one of the most popular fabrics for leashes out of a wide range of options. Best dog leashes could be made of leather, rope, or another material with reflective braiding. Also, consider whether the leash is easy to wash and dry.

If the dog pulls on the leash, you may want to consider a leash with padded handles to prevent hand blisters or other injuries. Just be mindful of your dog’s requirements.

The toughness, thickness, and comfort while holding it should all be taken into consideration if your dog is under training or has the tendency to display leash aggression from time to time.

The Leash Size

For a leash to be suitable for a large breed dog, a leash should be thicker and stronger than ordinary ones. Choosing a leash that is 4 or 6 feet long, made of thick fabric, and wide work best for large dogs. Leashes for large dogs are typically 1 to 1.5 inches in thickness, unless they are strong chain or braided rope leashes.

Right Types of Leash

Remember ordinary retractable leashes are neither big nor robust enough for controlling large dogs if you’re thinking about getting one, Hertzko Retractable Leash is robust and has a thick chromium-plated clip. 

You can attempt one if the dog is calm, non-reactive, and non-pulling dog, however, it is recommended to use a conventional nylon or rope leash or an adjustable long one.

Why Get A Strong Leash for Your Large Dog?

I am a Husky owner and fully understand the value of a strong leash. My large, powerful canines have a powerful pull and require thicker leashes than usual. Having a comfy leash that won’t irritate your hands while training a strong puppy is also beneficial! However, not all large dog leashes are made equal that is why it is important to do some research before buying.

To find the most effective leashes for large dogs, we combed over dozens of leashes online.

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Final Thoughts - Best Dog Leashes for Large Dogs

A robust dog leash is absolutely necessary if you’re going to walk your strong dog, on the sidewalk, or out in public. You’ll want to make sure that your dog doesn’t get injured, and make sure they are well in control.

Our top pick is the Paw Lifestyles Heavy Duty Dog Leash. It features reflective embroidery for visibility at night and a comfortable grip that will benefit during long walks.

The Pettom Dog Chain Leash is the toughest option, made of metal chain, and comes in 7 sizes and a variety of colors.

We wish you luck in finding the best leash for your large dog after reading all these recommendations. Making the right choice is crucial since the leash will keep your dog secure and provide you with a sense of satisfaction while you’re out for a walk.

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