7 Best Harnesses for Huskies in 2022 (Top Picks & Guide)

You are currently viewing 7 Best Harnesses for Huskies in 2022 (Top Picks & Guide)

Large dogs like huskies are well-known for being pretty active. Such dog breeds need regular exercise as well as long-distance walks.

Designed with toughness in mind. The best harnesses for huskies will make your walks pleasant and safe. Since a good harness removes pressure from the neck and distributes it to the chest. It is a better option when compared to a dog collar.

A Quick Look at Our Top Picks for the Best Harnesses for Huskies

If you are in a hurry, here is a consolidated list of our winning husky harnesses.

Top FeatureBrandPriceColorsSizesRating
Best OverallRabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness$$$64A
No-pull Harness Paw Five CORE-1 No Pull Harness for Husky$$54A
Comfortable Dog HarnessBABYLTRL Store Easy Control Dog Harness$144B+
Harness for Husky PuppyPoyPet Dog Harness For Husky Puppy$265A+
Harness for Large DogsEagloo Dog Harness For Husky Walking$84A
Easy Walk HarnessPetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness$$44B+
Dog Training HarnessKurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness For Husky

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7 Best Harnesses for Huskies | In-Depth Reviews

In our search for the best dog harness for husky, We have considered well over 15 harnesses. After testing them on walks and leash training sessions, both in the neighborhood and in a dog park where there are a lot of distractions. 

All the harnesses mentioned here, fit the criteria of comfort, durability, and ease of use, with the ability to withstand intense activities like camping, hiking, and leash walking.

1. Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness for Large, Medium Huskies

rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness for Large, Medium Huskies

If you own a HuskY, you may need a harness that is really good to withstand dog pulling or carrying some objects because huskies are usually trained as security dogs. A fantastic option is the Rabbitgoo Military grade Harness,  It includes strong nylon construction and strengthened threading for better durability.

In addition to a metal ring placed at the back for training purposes, this harness also contains another ring in the front as a no-pull feature. Additionally, it does have multiple quick-release hooks that make it simple to wear and take off.

The harness is also completely adjustable. The mesh used is easy to clean and will dry in a couple of hours.

With the added connectors on either side of the harness, you can easily carry a bottle, the extra leash for your husky, some dog treats, or any essential supplies during walks.

Furthermore, Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness features added panels to attach any unique badges or proof of identity with your dog.


  • Chest and stomach padding harness.
  • Choose from small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.
  • On-Pull Harness with front and back metal ring.


  • Not recommended for small puppies.

Editor Advise

Rabbitgoo Hard-core Dog Harness is strong, comfortable, and easy to use making it the best harness for husky. However, do understand different sizes and choose the one that suits your husky chest and back size. The sizing of any harness can be a bit tricky!

2. Paw Five CORE-1 No Pull Harness for Husky

Paw Five CORE-1 No Pull Harness for Husky

The CORE-1 dog harness is designed to give an owner full control of their dog. It has a built-in waste bag holder and D-rings on both sides to attach needed accessories. This harness has been designed to be lightweight and comfortable, keeping your husky safe and secure while still being able to move around easily.

The Velcro side patches are adjustable, letting you manage the size of the harness as per your need. A padded handle on the top keeps you in control, allowing you to take control of your dog as it starts to act aggressively.


  • Husky harness with built-in waste bag holder
  • The padded handle on top gives extra control when needed.
  • Adjustable chest and waist straps.
  • The quality of straps used is satisfying.


  • Not a good choice for small puppies.

Editor Advise

This Paw Five harness is perfect for outdoor activities and hiking because it is comfortable to wear on long walks, water-resistant, and durable.

3. BABYLTRL Store Easy Control Dog Harness

BABYLTRL Store Easy Control Dog Harness

Do not be misled by the affordable price BABYLTRL Store’s Dog Harness is offering, even though it is one of the more affordable options online, however, it gives a strong build with metal hardware D-rings. It is a fantastic choice with very positive reviews all over the internet. It has strong metallic rings in the front and at the back. The harness is entirely made from fine threads of Oxford nylon.

It contains sturdy and luminous straps, buckles used are adjusted for the perfect fit and a rear handle for carrying anything you like.


  • Affordable harness that can easily compete with any expensive alternatives
  • The harness is made from Oxford nylon and metal hardware
  • The plastic buckles used are easy to take on and off.
  • This harness has a reflective design for low light visibility.


  • The quality of velcro used needs improvement.

Editor Advise

BABYLTRL Store Easy Control Dog Harness is an affordable yet durable harness for your husky. This harness has added padding for extra comfort, which makes it an incredibly soft-to-touch option for your beautiful Husky.

4. PoyPet Dog Harness For Husky Puppy

PoyPet Dog Harness For Husky Puppy

With two stomach straps that don’t need to go over your dog’s head and are placed below the neck, this PoyPet Dog Harness is a simple option to consider for your little husky puppy.

This harness had adjustable buckles to get the size that suits your husky. It also uses an emergency unlock mechanism when needed. The breathable soft inner mesh provides a comfortable feel and is best for long walks.

You’ll be glad to hear that this harness for husky pups is reflective just so that your husky will be easily visible if you frequently go for early-morning walks in the local community. Additionally, the underside of the D-ring contains a tiny pocket to store a dog identity tag or even your home key.


  • It has a front and back attachment point for better control.
  • The elastic strap neutralizes shock as your husky pulls hard.
  • Made from a comfortable mesh material.
  • Choose different colors that suit your dog.


  • The handle on the top is small.

Editor Advise

Lightweight and equipped with reflective webbing, this PoyPet dog harness has a no-pull design that keeps your dog visible and secure at night.

5. Eagloo Dog Harness For Husky Walking

Eagloo Dog Harness For Husky Walking

To cater needs of every husky owner, Eagloo Dog Harnesses are offered in a wide range of attractive colors and sizes. Although, it is advised to measure your dog’s neck to ensure that the harness fits; if there is a doubt, go with the bigger harness size with an adjustable feature.

It comes with a comfortable handle on the rear and rings on both back and front, to deploy maximum control when needed and a helping hand to hold on to an active husky. This harness can also be attached to your car’s seatbelt to keep your Husky secure while traveling.

The entire harness is made of mesh material to prevent overheating. If it becomes dirty, you can easily wash it by hand with some gentle soap before letting it dry in open.


  • It has soft padding on the chest and stomach.
  • Easy to lock and unlock.
  • A well-priced harness for your husky.
  • The harness has a quick-release button for emergencies.


  • The quality of mesh needs improvement.

Editor Advise

Eagloo Dog Harness is well-suited for long camping trips as the harness has soft padding at the front, keeping your husky comfortable.

6. PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness

PetSafe Deluxe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The PetSafe Deluxe Dog Harness is a comfortable and secure option for walking your husky.  This harness can be the best choice if you don’t like the Husky pulling on a harness.

The large or medium PetSafe harness fits the necessary weight limits for most adult Huskies as the majority of them lie between 40lbs to 60lbs category. Its small size is an option to consider while training a husky puppy as well.

The Neoprene belts give this harness a unique level of comfort. The overall harness is made from nylon. Additionally, by stretching as the husky pulls, its martingale front D-ring gives better control when needed the most. Fortunately, if you’re worried about stressing your dog, keep it less tight and comfortable as the harness is adjustable.


  • Nylon harness with double stitched connections.
  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.
  • Lightweight and breathable husky harness.


  • The quality of velcro used needs improvement.

Editor Advise

This PetSafe anti-pulling harness does not cover most of your husk’s torso as other harnesses on this list. This harness is lightweight and will make a dog comfy on hot summer days. As Huskies are a Siberian breed they like a cool environment and are prone to overheating.

7. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness For Husky Training

Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness For Husky Training

With traveling in mind, the Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness was designed. But because it’s such a popular harness among husky owners, it’s now everyone’s favorite equipment for daily walks and training.

This harness is tested to withstand up to 75 pounds and is functional with most seat belts used in cars. With its additional vehicle safety systems, it also includes other outstanding elements like a metal clip system that was developed using the same technology as mountain climbers.

For the most flexibility, this harness features five adjustment points. An excellent harness all around, with hundreds of good reviews online.


  • Harness with car seatbelt attachment.
  • 5 adjustable points for better fitting.
  • Added padding to protect the dog’s neck and chest.


  • A bit pricey dog harness.

Editor Advise

Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness For Husky Training is a comfortable, innovative, and safe dog harness that provides a more humane and secure alternative to the traditional choke chain or dog collars.

Buyer’s Guide | Choose The Best Harness for Husky

Picking a harness that fits the needs of your Husky might be challenging because of their muscular form and active personality. The key factors that need to be considered as a husky owner when looking for the best harnesses for Huskies are as:

Size of Harness

It’s crucial to get a harness depending on your dog’s accurate body measurements instead of his weight. This is as per the opinions of most Husky trainers because an adult husky can grow into different sizes and weights.

Note the husky’s measurements on a piece of paper by wrapping a measuring tape around his chest and the neck girth. Use these measurements as your size reference, adding two to three extra inches to each number, this ensures that you will not get a small harness.

Material Used By Manufacturer

Consider the material of the harness, it must be comfortable, breathable, and durable. Most Huskies benefit from mesh harnesses made from nylon or oxford webbing because they prevent overheating. Another advantage of mesh harness is that it is easy to maintain or wash, and they are usually lightweight. During a rainy day or after washing your mesh harness, your husky may wear it again in a few hours because it dries quickly. Please wait until the harness is completely dry before putting it on your dog.

Durable Hardware

It takes sturdy metal clips, D-rings and rivets to control an active breed just like a husky. Because plastic would eventually fall or split easily, especially when handling the tugging, pulling, and jumping of a young dog, the optimum hardware must be made from stainless steel or strong metal with chromium plating to avoid rusting and breaking.

Affordable Price

The affordability of a harness is also a factor that people consider, as a durable harness at an affordable price is the best bargain that you can get for your hard-earned dollars. A high-quality harness for a husky should not cost you more than $40 maximum.

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Benefits of Using a Harness for Your Husky

Obviously, it’s essential that you always be in control while training your husky. A dog can immediately desire to escape if he comes across a rabbit or squirrel. When a cheerful and vivacious husky notice a nearby dog while walking, they frequently like to run up and develop friendships with them. A husky harness will empower you to control him in any situation well without any potential injury.

Although your Husky might have lots of space and energy to run freely, a durable leash along with a harness provides more authority to a trainer than a regular dog collar.

The most beneficial use of the best harness for a husky is that it does not put any pressure on a dog’s neck, even during excessive leash pulling. The use of a harness will help you overcome muscle and tissue injuries for a dog that pulls a lot.

 With a harness, most of the load and strain are distributed across the dog’s torso rather than his neck.  A harness makes walking a husky secure and safe.

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What makes a harness best for a Husky?

Husky harnesses should be built from strong materials that won’t fully tear or rip that easily. Be sure to choose strong materials, such as mesh nylon or Oxford fabric, and strong metal for hardware rather than plastic that is venerable.

What is the best harness for a Husky that pulls?

The finest dog harness for Husky owners to add to their collection is a no-pull style harness. According to our recommendations, the best harness for husky that pulls a lot, the Paw Five CORE-1 Dog Harness is the one to consider, it has durable metal D-rings and a breathable design.

How do you measure a Husky for a harness?

Sizing is particularly crucial before getting any harnesses—and occasionally particularly challenging to get it correct.

Many pet owners make the error of focusing solely on the neckline size. That is useful, but it is insufficient because harnesses also cover the chest, thus measuring both the neck and chest is important, particularly for no-pull harnesses or the best comfort options out there.

Final Thoughts | Best Harnesses for Huskies

A harness is a useful accessory to have while taking your Husky for a stroll. It’s particularly beneficial for husky puppies, as they are energetic breeds and those who need to learn how to walk gently on a dog leash.

The best harnesses for huskies are the most suitable option for husky training as a good quality harness does put stress on a dog’s neck, but rather distributed the pressure on the chest and helps avoid neck injuries.

The Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness is our recommended pick for the best husky harness and like all of the harnesses mentioned in this list, are all available for purchase online.  Get any of these Husky harnesses delivered straight to your home within a few days.

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