7 Best Leashes for Golden Retrievers [2022 Top Picks & Guide]

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It is important to take good care of a Golden Retriever. Because they are a lovely breed, they demand constant attention and affection.

Golden Retriever pups are well-known for their calm demeanor and easy-to-train attitude. Although the use of ineffective tools might make training sessions challenging.

A Quick Look at Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Leashes For Golden Retrievers.

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Here is a list of all top 7 leashes for Golden Retriever we have reviewed:

Top FeatureBrandPriceColorsTypeRating
Best Overall2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Leash with Harness$$$$19Velvet Harness And leashA+
Made From Thick Nylon Primal Pet Gear Double Handle Dog Leash$$10Nylon LeashA
Extra-Long LeashLeashboss Free Range Nylon Dog Leash$$$2Long Nylon LeashB+
Adjustable Waist BeltSparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash$$8Hands-Free Dog LeashB+
Most Affordablelynxking Slip Rope Dog Lead$8Slip LeadB+
Beautiful Leash with Stripped DesignBlueberry Pet Genuine Leather Dog Leash$$$5Leather LeashA
Tangle Free Design TUG 360° Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash
$$7Retractable Dog LeashA

Best Leashes for Golden Retrievers | In-Depth Reviews

What are the best leashes for a Golden Retrievers? Do not worry! We’ve done all the hard work for you. Here is a list of the best choices to help you get the most value.

1. 2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Leash with Harness

2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Leash And Harness

The no-pull harness is a great alternative to a collar when you need to walk your dog.

2 Hounds Design Leash and Harness combo are best for a Golden Retriever. It has a simple design, unlike other harnesses with buckles, to make walking your dog more comfortable and less stressful. This harness won’t get stuck in the fur of your Golden Retriever.

It has a wide range of colors and sizes that will complement your needs and fashion taste. This no-pull harness is a great option for large dogs who pull on a leash because it doesn’t put any stress on the neck. It is comfortable and effective in preventing the dog from pulling the leash without any worry of choking or hurting your Golden Retriever.

Having stainless-steel hardware that includes patented control loops and durable connector rings. The harness also has adjustable 4 points for a better grip with the dog’s torso.

The leash is made from the finest nylon with quality stitching. The 2 swivel clips do not allow the leash to get tangled along with providing a durable connection to the harness.

2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Leash is built with heavy-duty hardware, the leash also includes a nylon harness that is comfortable, and easy to wear. It is the Best Leash for Golden Retriever and a complete package that is more than enough to leash train your Golden Retriever.


  • Durable leash with a comfortable harness.
  • Available in 7 sizes and 15 bright colors.
  • Stainless steel hardware with secure swivel clips.
  • Gives a replacement warranty upon chewing.
  • A comfortable choke-proof setup made from nylon.
  • Made in the USA.


  • The leash handle is not padded.

2. Primal Pet Gear Double Handle Dog Leash

Primal Pet Gear Double Handle Dog Leash

Pet Gear has exclusively developed a range of products specifically designed to help pet owners with the daily tasks of walking dogs.

The leash handles are crafted from strong, high-quality neoprene which is both comfortable and durable. The sturdy handles have extra padding for additional comfort, so your Golden Retriever does not feel the strain of pulling.

A 6-foot leash to keep your pet safe, this leash has been upgraded with stronger clips that can better withstand the pulling strength of your dog. The stainless-steel clip has an easy on and off release knob. The clip has been updated with more security while on the go.

With its lightweight design with a secure fit and a comfortable grip, the leash is ideal for taking your Golden Retriever pup for a walk in both busy and casual environments. The leash has double thickness with closely stitched nylon webbing for durability that will last for years.

The traffic handle is designed specifically for controlling an active canine in public places. Use the long leash for casual walks, and a shorter handle for busy sidewalks and bike paths.


  • A leash with 2 padded handles.
  • 2times thicker than other leashes.
  • Comes in 10 attractive colors.
  • Zinc alloy clip that is strong and secure.
  • Reflective stitching for low light visibility.
  • Ideal for training and for daily use.


  • Not a chew-proof leash.

3. Leashboss Free Range Nylon Dog Leash

Leashboss Free Range Nylon Dog Leash

A perfect fit for off-leash and recall training, Leashboss Long Trainer is designed with a strong, lightweight nylon strap.

An extra-long leash gives freedom to your Golden Retriever to move around and explore the surroundings with no worry of being lost or getting into some trouble. Extremely useful, this leash is lightweight and is designed to impose proper control when needed.

The handle is rubber molded and easy to grip during long training sessions. The nylon used is soft to touch and comfortable. This leash is specially designed to control medium or large dogs and is available in different size variations.

The hardware used is rigid, and the connector clip is nickel-plated. The clip is tangle-free and has a one-push release knob. Available with a 5-year warranty that can be invoked against any product issues.

With a modern look, it comes in black and orange colors which can easily be matched with your casual wear. Being equipped with strong clips, the pet gear is durable and tough enough for all your outdoor activities.


  • Extra-long leash for off-leash training.
  • Made from strong and lightweight nylon.
  • The clip is durable and nickel-plated.
  • The rubber handle is comfortable.
  • Overall, the leash is well made and easy to maintain.
  • Assembled in the USA.


  • Will fray upon dog chewing.
  • It does not have reflective stitching.
  • Not a leash to use in busy places or for daily use.

4. SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash

SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash

SparklyPets Hands-Free Leash is designed specifically to go on run with your Golden Retriever without holding a leash.

The durable stainless-steel clips prevent dogs from breaking free. These clips take tension off of plastic buckles and divide them equally so that you can have a comfortable run.

The shock-absorbing bungee does not strain the dog’s neck on pulling. This leash has a nylon webbing with a reflective strip for safety and easy visibility in low light conditions.

It can be used as a hand-free leash and due to its adjustable waist belt, and also hand-held leash as it has a padded handle design that keeps the leash in a tight grip at all times.

The traffic handle is there to give maximum control when walking your dog through the park or walking on a busy road.

A unique leash for pet owners who want both comfort and safety while running. The unique hands-free design ensures that this leash is safe and secure. SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash is also available in a variation that allows us to walk and control 2 dogs at the same time.


  • Unique hands-free leash with an elastic bungee.
  • Get to choose from 5 colors.
  • Available for a single dog and two dogs.
  • Made from strong and lightweight nylon.
  • The clips used are strong and secure.


  • The leash is not chew-proof.
  • Not a good option for small dogs and puppies.

5. lynxking Slip Rope Dog Lead

lynxking  Slip Rope Dog Leash

lynxking Slip Rope Dog Lead is the best leash for training puppies. A functional dog leash and collar combination that’s great for walks. The slip rope leash is simple to use and adjustable to fit any neck size.

Made from polypropylene, it gives the tensile strength of a climbing rope. The handle feels comfortable and won’t hurt even when a dog pulls on it.

The slip rope leash is a great alternative to a standard leash. Its design allows you to use the leash with a built-in collar for added security. Choose from a variety of colors and use it with different breeds. This lead has a unique design that is ideal for most dogs.

With a leash and collar in one design, this durable dog lead allows owners to keep their dogs safe and under control. The handle is lightweight and doesn’t hurt the dog’s sensitive skin. This dog leash works great as a training tool for your dog which is both fun and effective.


  • Slip rope leash for training.
  • Leash and collar combination design.
  • Get to choose from 7 bright colors.
  • Feels soft on the dog’s neck.
  • Its no-pull design discourages pulling.
  • The leash is machine stitched for enhanced durability.


  • Not for dogs that chew on the leash.
  • A padded handle would be better.

6. Blueberry Pet Genuine Leather Dog Leash

Blueberry Pet Genuine Leather Dog Leash

Blueberry Pet Genuine Leather Dog Leash has a unique design for any pet lover. The eye-catching patterns used will show off your pet’s personality and make them look adorable.

Made with a combination of polyester webbing and high-quality genuine leather, each piece is durable and offers beautiful designs with premium quality.

The strong brass plated hardware resists corrosion and tarnishes under the harshest of conditions. The convenient design features a sturdy clasp that allows you to get a secure connection with any dog collar or harness.

The leash is easy to maintain, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not wash with water or dry clean as it might damage the genuine leather leash.

The leash offers a padded handle that is easy to grip. Perfectly sized for dogs of any size, this leash will complement the color of your Golden Retriever. The leather used is durable and well made with a nice texture to offer a classy look as well as a comfortable feel.


  • Genuine leather leash with polyester webbing.
  • Choice of 9 different unique designs.
  • The snap clip and D-ring are strong with brass plating.
  • Has a double padded comfortable handle.


  • The leash is slightly expensive.
  • Leather may fray with time.
  • Can get damaged upon dog chewing.

7. TUG 360° Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

TUG 360° Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash

An innovative dog leash with a retractable feature. TUG 360° Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash features a strong metallic clip and a quick retraction mechanism. It has a comfortable grip handle and a strong metallic clip for extra security.

This leash allows you to easily roll on and roll off the nylon tape with a push of a button. Just hold the handle and the leash will automatically adjust as your dog walks giving him the freedom of movement.

It gives you the ultimate leash flexibility. When your dog decides to go play elsewhere, simply hold onto the handle and pull forward, the quick retraction mechanism quickly pulls the leash back into place.

The handle is ergonomically designed, and wrist straps are comfortable for long walks. A new dog leash with a 360-degree tape movement.

TUG 360° Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash is specially designed to bring you absolute control, allowing you to pull your dog back, without having to worry about tangling or losing the leash.


  • Retractable leash with quick retraction mechanism.
  • The snap clip is secure and durable.
  • Nylon tape is strong and tangle-free.
  • Ergonomically design handle.
  • Available in 4 sizes and 7 colors.


  • The nylon tape will break on chewing.
  • Not to be used in busy streets and sideways.

Buyer’s Guide | Choose a Best Leash for Golden Retrievers

It is not a pleasant sight to watch your Golden Retriever break free from the leash. So, in order to avoid any harmful scenarios, choosing the right leash for your dog is very crucial.

Here is a complete guide that will help you in getting a proper leash for your Golden Retriever.

Criteria of Selecting Best Leashes for Golden Retriever

When getting a leash for a strong German Shepherd, the prime focus is on strength and durability.

Contrary to that a leash should be comfortable, lightweight, and durable for it to be suitable for a Golden Retriever. Length and width of a leash are also key criteria, a 4-feet leash is best for heel training while a 6 leash can be used for everyday activities.

Here are a few features that helped us in finding the best leashes for Golden Retriever.

  • Consider a leash with durable hardware and a secure swivel clasp that has metallic plating to avoid rusting.
  • Choose a lightweight yet strong nylon, leather, or climbing rope leash as it will be gentle on your Golden Retriever.
  • Don’t forget to opt for a soft padded handle as a comfortable handle will allow you to avoid leash burn during long training sessions.
  • Getting a leash with reflective webbing that glows at night will be added feature as it helps you to track the dog in low light conditions.
  • If your Golden Retriever pulls on the leash, having a leash with shock-absorbing bungee can help you and your dog by reducing the intensity of pulling force.
  • Getting a leash with optimal length is crucial. A leash that is 4 to 6 feet long is a practical option for everyday activities and training purposes.

Why Do You Need a Leash for Golden Retriever?

A leash is a vital accessory when it comes to controlling your Golden Retriever. It helps in training a new puppy and telling a trained dog when to behave.

Despite a leash’s importance in training, it also has significance in terms of the law. Almost all the states in the USA had legislated leash laws that require a Golden Retriever to stay on leash in crowded areas and public places.

Leashes are crucial for keeping a dog safe. It does not allow him to roam freely without a leash as this increases the chances of potential accidents to other people’s properties and to the dog himself.

Types of Leashes Best for Your Golden Retriever

Not all leashes are delicate enough to fulfill the needs of a Golden Retriever. Moreover, a chain leash is not a suitable leash as it gets tangled in the fur of Golden Retrievers.

Here are the types of leashes that are best for a Golden Retriever.

Basic Standard Leash

Standard leashes are flat straps of nylon or leather that are aligned with a padded handle with reflective webbing. Nylon leashes are usually light and great for training Golden Retriever puppies, while leather leashes are durable and have classy look to them.

Retractable Leash

A mechanical leash with a retraction system that is operated by a button. Retractable leashes are made from nylon tape that is placed inside a plastic casing with added protection. Most of the known retractable leashes have rapid release and break mechanisms that allow you to adjust the length as per the situation.

Elastic Bungee Leash

A type of leash that is an upgraded version of a standard leash. It has all the features of a standard leash, with an added bungee that is shock resistant and is made to neutralize the heavy pulling of a dog. Elastic bungee leashes are good for walking multiple dogs at the same time and can control active dogs during outdoor activities.

Leash with Traffic Handle

They are also called double handle leashes. Being another type of standard leash, just with another handle close to the attachment clip. The purpose of a double-handle leash is to control dogs in crowded places and to keep them under surveillance all the time. If yours is aggressive and needs to be strolled all the time, then a leash with a traffic handle can help you

Hands-Free Leash

A hands-free leash is an option for people who want to burn some calories while walking their dog. This type of dog leash allows you to walk a dog without holding the leash. The hands-free leash has a wrist belt that is adjustable, the leash is securely attached to the belt with a metallic clip.

Final Thoughts | Best Leashes for Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever is an attractive and extremely popular breed because of their golden look and their ability to be a ‘house dog’.

If you want your Golden Retriever to live a happy life, you have to teach them to be gentle on the leash and how to stay calm when distracted.

The best leashes for Golden Retrievers can help you with leash training. Our top pick is 2 Hounds Design No Pull Dog Leash and Harness as it includes a leash with a soft handle and strong metallic clips that won’t break easily.

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