8 Best Leather Dog Leashes (Strong And Comfortable)

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Leather dog leashes are not just more attractive and durable when compared to nylon ones, they also have a more premium appearance.

A leather leash won’t quickly deteriorate in appearance or escape your grip that easily. Despite the fact that leather dog leashes are a bit expensive, However, they are built to last longer.

Let me tell you, there are a ton of choices once you start looking for a strong and beautiful leather dog leash.  

That is why, to make choosing a leash easy and quick, we have produced a list of reviews for the best leather dog leashes along with a buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your search and know exactly what features make a leather leash worth buying.

A Quick Look at Our Top Picks for the Best Leather Dog Leashes

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Best Leather Dog Leashes (In-Depth Reviews)

We have mentioned a wide range of the best leather dog leashes, from the most affordable to the most durable ones.

Best Leather Dog Leash | Soft Touch Collar’s Dog Leash

Best Leather Dog Leash | Soft Touch Collar’s Leather Braided Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Soft leather leash for large dogs backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • Handcrafted by experts and naturally tanned for beautiful leathery shine.
  • The leash handle is softly padded to overcome leash pulling.
  • The clasp has brass hardware and lacquered coating makes it rust-proof.
  • A perfect 6foot leash ideal for walking large and extra-large dogs.

This leather leash is something special for your dog. The soft-touch of the leather makes it comfortable for your dog to wear on a leash, especially when they are on a long walk.

The handle is padded for comfort, and the naturally tanned bright color adds a classy look that is loved by the most. The leash itself has a strong hardware and is tough enough to control a large dog. Available in 6 colors, this leather leash is an elegant and stylish accessory for your dog.

The Leash is made from premium leather, which is an example of classic craftsmanship. The padded handle is gentle to grip and won’t hurt while controlling a heavy pulling dog.

Soft-Touch Collar’s Leather Leash is built from high-quality leather that is strong, comfortable, and safe to use. It is the best leather dog leash with a padded handle and brass hardware that is enough to control a dog with ease.

FAIRWIN Genuine Leather Dog Leash

Genuine Leather Dog Leash | FAIRWIN Leather Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Dog leash handmade from Italian leather.
  • Available in 4 sizes and brown or black leather with stylish design.
  • Copper alloy clasp for strong attachment with any dog collar.
  • Engineered to withstand pulling force up to 500lbs.
  • A soft-edged leather handle is easy to grip.
  • 2-year warranty with 60 days unconditional.
  • Won’t withstand dog chewing and tearing.

Built to withstand military-grade training, this leather dog leash is perfect for small, medium, and large size dogs. The copper clips are built to withstand even the most difficult pull. They go through a high-quality plating process that guarantees a durable and visually pleasing look.

A gorgeous design with a simple yet classy look makes it a standout accessory for any dog owner. Your dog will love being able to walk around town in style while wearing this stylish leash.

This is a unique and stylish leash that is assembled with hands from Italian leather. It is strong and durable and will last long. Its pull-resistant design allows you to easily control over an active dog.

ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash

Luxury Leather Dog Leash | ADITYNA Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Strong resistant dog leash made from premium leather.
  • 6feet length for a controlled walk and dog training.
  • Heavy-duty connector clasp, safe for medium and heavy dogs.
  • Soft handle to avoid hand burns on long walks.
  • The hardware is well-stitched and held together with 2 rivets.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty with refund and leash replacement.

Made from a genuine leather dog leash, this leash deserves the attention of every dog owner. Pull-resistant, it allows you to have control over an aggressive dog. The durable stitches and 2 rivets enhance durability. A tangle-free steel clasp is used to make this leather dog leash stand out for training strong dogs.

This leather dog leash is made with quality materials and 6feet length makes it strong enough to hold any dog size. Not a chew-proof leash, teething dogs can easily chew through leather thus, not a good choice if your dog chews off the leash.

All in all, the leather dog leash is strong and durable stitches give the leash lasting strength.

Wellbro Double Handle Leather Dog Leash

Double Handle Leather Dog Leash | Wellbro Luxury Leather Dog Leash

Key Features

  • A leather leash that is braided by hand for clear texture.
  • Dual handle design one being a traffic handle to control dogs in crowded areas.
  • Do not wash or bleach, only needed easy cleaning with a soft cloth.
  • 6feet length makes it ideal for training and controlling dogs.
  • This leash will maintain its design with time, but it won’t resist dog chewing.
  • Brass metal clasp with 360-degree rotating hook gives your dog freedom to explore.

Elegant design, perfect for your pet. This durable and stylish leash is designed with a strong clasp to keep it secure. The leash is made of high-quality soft leather for comfort and durability.

Designed with two handles one being a traffic handle to control dogs through busy sidewalks and the second is the handle for dog walking. The leash is made of soft and pliable leather with a clear texture. The connector clasp is pure copper and rustproof, it doesn’t lose its strength.

The leash has a classic look that adds charm to any outfit. It is designed to provide the best gesture from the owner to the pet.

Mighty Paw No-Pull Leather Dog Leash

No-Pull Leather Dog Leash | Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Anti-pull dog leash handmade from soft durable leather.
  • Naturally brown and has a smooth texture.
  • Premium leather leash with a padded handle for a strong grip.
  • Smooth edges won’t hurt you and your dog.
  • A unique gift for any dog lover, ideal for training and tracking.
  • Hardcore carabiner clip for ridded attachment with any dog collar.

This leather dog leash is a rigid leash for outdoor activities. Made of soft and pliable leather with clear texture, it has a sturdy design to control dogs while walking and training sessions

A gift that shows that you care for your canine friend. This stylish leather leash is made with premium leather for luxurious comfort. The strong climber carabiner clip is durable enough to handle aggressive leash pulling of any dog. It is a heavy-duty leather dog leash, not a good choice for small dogs and puppies.

This beautiful leash has a soft, comfortable feel which helps prevent uneasiness to your dog. It is extremely easy to clean and maintain with regular use, so it will last for years to come.

LEATHERBERG Black Leather Dog Leash

Black Leather Dog Leash | LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash

Key Features

  • A black leather leash that is 6feet long and can hold any dog breed.
  • Made from quality latigo leather that is soft on touch yet durable.
  • The leash is double stitched and metal rivets hold it all together.
  • Swivel clip gives a strong attachment with any dog collar or harness.
  • Some people experience chemical smell that fades over with time.
  • Comes with a 1-year no-risk refund guarantee.

A durable and well-made dog leash is essential to controlling your dog’s behavior. LEATHERBERG leather dog leash is made from full grain latigo leather to create an attractive leash that is easy to use and clean.

A 6feet dog leash for training and walking, this dog leash gives you full control over your dog with instant feedback. A sleek design creates a fashionable appearance for any occasion.

Double stitching and metal rivet details add strength and durability. Available in black or brown color, choose one that matches your dog’s coloring.

Logical Leather Dog Leash for Training

Leather Leash for Training | Logical Leather Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Get to choose from 11 different colors and 3 sizes.
  • A full-grain leather leash is tested to overcome 245lbs force.
  • The leash is 1.8inches thick and 5.8inches wide.
  • The attachment clip is made from solid brass and plated with nickel.
  • The clasp is easy to attach and detach to any dog collar.

This leash has a lovely outline to make walking your dog more pleasant. It is made from 100% genuine leather to create a heavy-duty dog leash that is well-built. The leash is available in 11 bright colors that are pleasant to look at and the nickel-plated brass clips ensure easy attachment with the dog collar.

Military-grade training leash engineered to handle force up to 245lbs. With 1.8inch thickness, the leather won’t stretch and will provide instant control when needed the most.

The logical leather dog leash is strong and beautiful, having a supple handle for better grip, and will not get stuck in dog hair like traditional nylon leashes. An ideal option for dog owners who want to engage in outdoor activities with their dog or looking for a leash that is good for hiking.

Wellbro Real Leather Double Dog Leash

Leather Leash for 2 Dogs | Wellbro Real Leather Double Dog Leash

Key Features

  • Dual dog leash made from quality leather to hold 2 small dogs or pups.
  • Handmade leather dog leash for a stronger feel and stylish look.
  • Alloy hooks are strong and durable.
  • The handle feels soft and won’t hurt on long walks.
  • Brass coupler rotates 360degree and won’t tangle your dog.
  • Not recommended for large and extra-large dogs.

Wellbro Real Leather Double Dog Leash has 2 separate clips to attach to 1 end of the leash, and 2 separate rings to affix each dog and clip together.

The other end of the leash has a loop to attach around your hand when your hands are full. It’s easy to carry extra stuff as you only need one hand to walk two dogs at once with this handy real leather dog leash.  A durable ultra-strong leash is made of genuine soft leather for extra comfort, great for size medium and small size dogs.

The dog leash combination of strength, style, and functionality. The flat edge won’t tear at your hands making the leash very safe for you to use. Also, lever buckles won’t twist up or down and the connector clips won’t tangle while walking the dogs.

Buyer’s Guide | Choose The Best Leather Dog Leash

People usually get confused as there are a lot of brands selling leather leashes and each claims to be the best. Here we have listed some criteria that we have used, and you can use them as well to find the best leather dog leash.

  • The type of leather: First and foremost, the leather used in the leash is very important. There are leashes made from latigo leather, cowhide leather, premium leather, and genuine leather. Among them genuine leather is the most common and the strongest, having a reasonable price but they don’t have a strong shine like premium leather. Latigo leather is expensive as it has multiple layers of tanning and is treated with oil for lasting sine.
  • A comfortable handle: Leather leashes have a handle made of flexible leather that is grippy and comfortable to hold. Some leashes prefer padded handles to enhance comfort and make them the most suitable for long walks.
  • Strength and durability: Known for being old school and strong, leather leashes overpower nylon leashes as they don’t tear that easily. They may also resist occasional chewing; however, cannot be used a 100% chew-resistant dog leash. Do consider the hardware used, using brass rivets and clips will be long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: Increase the life of a leather leash by clean and maintaining it frequently. Just use some saddle soap or leather cleaner, apply on the leash with a damp cloth. It will remove dirt traces and then let it stay for a while. Then apply some leather conditioner to make it look glossy. Remember, keep the leather leash dry and safe from water as it may cause the leather to fray. Take care of the leash and use it for the years to come.
  • Length of the leather leash: The length of the leash depends on the size and weight of the dog. In most cases, a 5 to 6 feet leather leash will be the best choice. However, for puppies, a 4 to 5 feet leash can also be considered.

Benefits of using a leather leash

People been sceptic about getting a leather leash as they are expensive when compared to other leashes. Here are some benefits of using a leather that will encourage you.

  • A leather dog leash will complement any type of dog collar or harness.
  • The leather leash is stronger than standard nylon leashes.
  • Its design looks premium and can be used as an everyday dog leash.
  • If taken care of, leather leashes can last for years and years.
  • Being a standard four to six feet leash, they can be used for leash training.

FAQs about leather dog leash

Who should use a leather dog leash?

Owners with large and strong dogs should get a leather leash. Leather is a strong and durable material and is even used in making shoes, handbags, and horse saddles. Leather leashes are easy to maintain and gentle to hold. It comes with enough thickness to control even the largest dogs.

Is leather dog leash better than nylon leash?

Maybe, it purely depends upon the preferences of the dog owner. Nylon leashes become slippery in rain, are easy to chew, and may smell bad if not cleaned regularly. On the other hand, leather leashes are easy to clean and may require cleaning once or twice a month. They look premium and classy.

Which leather is best for a dog leash?

Genuine leather being the most common leather used for making a dog leash is the best. They are strong and don’t cost too much. However, one can also look for more fashionable leathers such as latigo or premium leather that are tanned with oil to give an eye-catching shine.

Final Thoughts | Best Leather Dog Leashes

Whether you’re looking to buy the latest fashion accessory for your dog or are curious about the best option to consider, leather dog leashes are a popular choice for both professional dog walkers and dog lovers. They are expensive, but if you want to make sure that your dog’s safety is a top priority, choosing a quality leather leash is very important.

All in all, the best leather dog leash should be pretty, easy to hold, and durable. Soft Touch Collars Braided Leather Dog Leash has a pleasing look, it is not treated with harsh chemicals and is naturally tanned to give a smooth texture that is gentle on touch. Premium leather and solid hardware make this leather leash stand out as the top choice.

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