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Dogs chewing on leashes is a very unfortunate and potentially painful activity. Dog owners hate this as leashes are not cheap. If you are one of those, the best chew-proof leashes can help.

Chewing and jumping are part of a dog’s canine behavior. Yet, there are many ways that you can teach a dog to stop leash biting. The most effective way preferred by dog owners is to provide an alternative chewing toy.

Finding the ideal dog leash might be challenging because they are in abundance. Will you prefer a steel-cable leash? or a double-padded nylon leash difficult to chew? Here we will help in selecting the best leashes that can’t be chewed easily.

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A Quick Look at 3 Best Chew-Proof Dog Leashes

  1. LEASH LINKS Trainer | Best OverallThe leash is most suitable for aggressive chewers, made from Biothane and PVC plastic.
  2. PUPTECK Chew Proof Retractable Dog Leash | Runner-UpChew-resistant leash is for the fans of retractable leashes, its steel wire extension makes it well suited for leash biters.
  3. Mighty Paw Chew Proof Dog Leash | Most Affordable: A rigid leash made from steel braided chord, its padded handle is extremely comfortable to hold.

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Top FeatureBrandTypeRatingPrice
Best OverallLEASH LINKS TrainerPlastic Link LeashA+$$$$
Chew-poof Retractable PUPTECK Chew Proof Retractable LeashRetractable LeashA$$$
Heavy-DutyMighty Paw Chew Proof Dog LeashSteel Cable LeashA+$$
Steel Cable LeashVirChewLy Chew Resistant Dog LeashSteel Cable LeashB+$$$
Nylon Rope LeashRucal Pets Chew Resistant Dog LeashRope LeashA$
Double-LayeredDutchy Brand Heavy Duty LeashNylon LeashA+$$
Chew-Resistant Chain LeashCtopoGo Heavy Duty Chain Leash
Chain LeashA$$
Most DurableS-ETOVUS Dog Training LeashChain LeashA+$$
Chew-resistant LeatherFAIRWIN Durable Leather Dog LeashLeather LeashB+$$$
Ant-bite ropeRUFFWEAR, Climbing Rope Inspired Dog LeashClimbing Rope LeashA$$$$

Best Chew-proof Dog Leashes (In-Depth Reviews)

Chewing is one of the more common behaviors that dogs engage in.

how to stop dog biting leash and other things
If a dog chews of leash, bed, shoes or other expensive accessories. Dog trainers recommed to get a chewing alternative like biting toy or a ball for that dog.

A double-padded, chew-proof leash can help you to train a dog not to chew on the leash. Here are the 10 best chew-proof dog leashes that are heavy-duty.

1. Best Chew Proof Dog Leash - LEASH LINKS Trainer

LEASH LINKS- Dog Leash - CHEW Proof Leash- Anti CHEW

Key Features:

  • Type: Plastic Link Leash
  • Brand: Leash Links Store
  • Material: Biothane, Polyvinyl Chloride, Snap clip
  • Length: 2.5 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 6


  • Durable Leash Made from PVC material.
  • Choose from 6 bright colors.
  • Well-suited for adult dogs who bite on leashes.


  • Effective yet it is expensive.
  • Available in one size only.

If your dog does bite down on a leash, there can be several reasons for doing so.

LEASH LINKS has provided a high-density polyester webbing leash along with PVC materials. A front swivel clip makes it easy to attach and detach from your pet’s collar or harness. The steel link that can bear 920lbs breaking force especially for strong dogs.

The leash itself is 18.5inches in length and the handle is 10.75inches. But, not as long as some other leashes in the list.

This Leash is suitable for all dog sizes. Suitable for walking, running, and training most cannine breeds. The Biothane handle is comfortable and gentle to grip with one hand.

Provided with a 30 day refundable money-back guarantee. You can get this leash without worrying about the money.

2. PUPTECK Chew Proof Retractable Dog Leash

Best Chew Proof Retractable Dog Leash - PUPTECK Retractable Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Retractable Leash
  • Brand: PUPTECK Store
  • Material: ABS plastic casing, Aluminum alloy clip
  • Length: 16 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 3


  • Unique retractable chew-proof leash.
  • A Comfortable to-hold handle.
  • Use it for small and medium-breed dogs.
  • Easy lock and unlock button.


  • Not suitable for dogs that are aggressive pullers.
  • Not recommended for large breeds.

Getting tired of pets destroying its leash by chewing?

This retractable nylon tape leash can extend up to 16ft and can control a dog up to 110lbs. The nylon tape had an adjustable length so that you can use it as your needs.

Designed with an anti-chew wire extension to resist teething from your furry friend. The 360° rotating hook can easily avoid entanglement to help dogs roam around safely.

The long leash ensures your dog will be within reach when attention is needed.

PUPTECK Retractable Dog Leash is strong enough for small and medium-size dogs. It is convenient to carry in a bag or pouch. Its reflective strip allows you to easily identify the leash in the dark.

3. Mighty Paw Chew Proof Dog Leash

Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Steel Cable Leash
  • Brand: Mighty Paw
  • Material: Stainless steel braided cord, Rock climbers carabiner
  • Length: 6 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 2


  • Made from braided steel coated with chew-resistant vinyl cover.
  • The handle is soft to touch and hold.
  • The Rock Climbers Carabiner provides a strong connection.


  • The leash without the handle is difficult to hold.

Sometimes dogs can deliberately chew on a leash, this is because they want attention. Alas! what will be the best way to get noticed than chewing an expensive dog leash.

Dogs are hyperactive pets, and one of the easiest ways to release stress is by biting on the leash.

Stop your pet from biting with this anti-biting leash. It’s designed to stop biting instantly with the safe and anti-chew rigid design.

Made with a steel cable that can easily bear 850lbs breaking force.
The swivel clips are easy to attach and detach.

The padded handle makes it easy to carry. Decide from orange or green colors, choose the one that suits your dog attire.

Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Leash is water-resistant, and hardcore. Delivered with a 90 days return period, contact the Mighty Paw support for refunds.

4. VirChewLy Chew Resistant Dog Leash

Chew Resistant Leash for Large Dogs - VirChewLy Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Steel Cable Leash
  • Brand: VirChewLy Indestructible
  • Material: Vinyl-coated steel cable, Metal swivel clip
  • Length: 4 ft or 5.6 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 5


  • Steel cable leash vinyl coated.
  • Ideal for large dogs that can withstand 900lbs force.
  • Available in 9 sizes.


  • The handle is detachable and not padded.

Dogs and especially active small dogs, release their energy by tugging, or chewing.

Thus, all these behaviors are annoying, but things become even worse when they become a habit.

This VirChewLy dog leash is a favorable choice among dog owners and trainers. The leash is durable and safe. The polyester coating and braded steel gives unparallel strength and anti-chew characteristics.

The strong and comfortable handle makes the leash ideal for dog walking and training.

It is dirt and odor-resistant caused by bacteria. The heavy-duty design makes this leash best for large dogs that are active chewers.

5. Rucal Pets Chew Resistant Dog Leash

Well Priced Anti-Chew Dog Leash - Rucal Pets Chew Resistant Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Paracord Rope Leash
  • Brand: Rucal Pets Store
  • Material: Nylon webbing, Metal swivel clip
  • Length: 5 ft or 6 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 8


  • This rope Leash is thick and difficult to chew. 
  • The padded handle overcomes hand burn and discomfort.
  • It has reflective webbing for nighttime visibility.
  • Available in 5ft and 6ft with 8 different colors to choose from.


  • The connector clips are soft and can be chewed.

Rucal Pets Chew-resistant dog leash is made of thick braided nylon paracord rope. It has reflective webbing for night visibility so car drivers and people can see the dog.

The leash enables you to control the dog while keeping your hand comfortable. This leash is easier to maintain than chain leashes as it is lightweight. It can be used for outdoor activities or for everyday walks.

Strong rope leashes are ideal for dog owners looking for a leash that will last for years. To ensure its safe use, the rope leash has an anti-slip design so that it won’t hurt your dog.

Safe to use, this rope dog leash is perfect for any breed. It is the best leash for a Golden Retriever and even for a large dog like Siberian huskies.

Linked together with two ends, the plastic attachment in between is soft and can be chewed. With a comfortable grip, this dog leash is perfect for any pet owner looking for a safe piece of equipment.

6. Dutchy Brand Heavy Duty Leash

Dog Leash for Occasional Chewers - Dutchy Brand Strong Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Nylon Leash
  • Brand: Dutchy Brand Store
  • Material: Double-layer nylon, Metal swivel clip
  • Length: 6 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 3


  • A double layer of nylon makes it a better option in comparison with other nylon leashes.
  • Can easily withstand moderate chewing.
  • It has reflective stitching for night visibility.
  • Available in 3 colors and 6 feet leash size.


  • Not a 100% chew-proof leash.

This safety leash is a must-have for dog owners who want a durable nylon leash.

Made from double nylon layers, this leash is much stronger than standard leashes.

Yet, it is not as rigid as LEASH LINKS or Mighty Paw Chew-Proof Dog Leash. It is best suitable for light-chewing canines.

The padded handle is well known for its comfortable grip on long walks. A sturdy metal clasp gives a strong attachment to most dog collars or harnesses.

The reflective material adds to nighttime safety by making the leash visible at night. Donate the leash in case you are not satisfied, you can also get a refund.

Still, there are some nylon or leather leashes that are strong. Thus more chew-resistant than the others.

Such durable dog leashes depend on a double layering of fabric and metal rivets.

7. CtopoGo Heavy Duty Chain Leash

Chew Proof Chain Leash - CtopoGo Heavy Duty Chain Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Chain Leash
  • Brand: CtopoGo Store
  • Material: Steel, Chromium plated, Metal clip
  • Length: 3.9 ft. or 5.8 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 1


  • Argon welded tensile metal leash able to withstand aggressive chewing.
  • The polyurethane leather handle is soft and comfortable.
  • The chain leash is anti-chew and rust-resistant.


  • Heavy leashes are not suitable for small dogs and puppies.
  • This leash is difficult to manage while traveling.

It’s a heavy-duty metal chain leash that is available in two lengths. The leash is constructed from tensile metal with a double-stitched leather handle.

A water-resistant chain leash. Yet, it is better to keep it dry as people have experienced rusting.

The chain is made in such a way that it doesn’t get caught in the dog’s hair while walking.

The ctopoGo heavy-duty dog leash is a great addition to any dog owner’s arsenal. The metal and leather strap both appear well-made and durable.

Yet, the chain leash is heavier than other leashes on this list thus, not for small dogs and puppies. With this leash, you can keep your dog close and safe at all times.

Chain leashes are very stiff so they do not stretch and should be avoided if your pup pulls a lot. Most chain leashes can easily withstand the teething and chewing of dogs.

8. S-ETOVUS Dog Training Leash

Chew Proof Leash for Training - S-ETOVUS Anti-bite Leash for Walking

Key Features:

  • Type: Chain Leash
  • Brand: S-ETOVUS Store
  • Material: chrome-plated metal, Nylon rope, Swivel metal clip
  • Length: 4 ft. or 5.2 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 5


  • Metal chain + Nylon rope dog leash difficult to chew or break.
  • The handle is nylon made and padded.
  • Available in 4ft and 5.2ft sizes.


  • The leash is heavy.
  • Not for small dogs.

If your dog loves to run off or pull on the leash, a heavy-duty leash will help keep your dog under control.

Such leashes are equipped with a rotating snap buckle for easy attachment. It has a quick-release buckle lock, which prevents the leash from twisting or getting tangled.

The padded handle is comfortable for any user and won’t fatigue the hand during long walks.

Made from a combination of metal and nylon, which means such leashes are strong enough to hold a large dog.

Woven with nylon rope to ensure durability and effective anti-chew capability. The 5.2ft option allows your pup to have enough space to walk free. This leash is good for exercising and training purposes.

9. FAIRWIN Durable Leather Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Leather Leash
  • Brand: FAIRWIN Store
  • Material: Alloy-plated Swivel Clip
  • Length: 5.6 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 2


  • Handmade genuine leather leash.
  • Copper alloy clip that can stand up to 500 lbs force.
  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes.


  • Difficult to chew yet not 100% chew-proof.
  • The leash is a bit stretchy.
  • Has a strong odor that lefts after a few hours of unpacking. 

The leather leash from FAIRWIN is easily worn and soft to the touch.

It has a branded design that enhances its durability. This leash is made to last for years to come and people claim that its handle becomes softer with time.

As for the material used, we know that leather is considered rigid. This leash uses Italian imported leather with tensile strength and handmade trust.

Even though a leash with a braided style will probably be more resilient over nylon, leather also has a better chew-resistant ability. In addition to being tough by construction, the leather can become comfier as it gradually adjusts to the form of your hand.

10. RUFFWEAR, Climbing Rope Inspired Dog Leash

Key Features:

  • Type: Climbing Rope Leash
  • Brand: RUFFWEAR Store
  • Material: Nylon rope, Metal carabiner
  • Length: 5 ft.
  • No. of Colors: 10


  • Strong and flexible nylon core with reflective webbing.
  • Metal carabiner with a secure locking mechanism.
  • Choose from small or large sizes.


  • Difficult to chew yet not 100% chew-proof.
  • The leash is a bit stretchy.
  • Has a strong odor that lefts after a few hours of unpacking. 

Take advantage of the durable and comfortable design of this RUFFWEAR rope leash. For better adaptability and improved durability, the reflective threaded climbing rope has an inner core and an outer knitted wrapping. 

It is well-built to withstand light chewing. The handle is constructed out of tubular nylon fabric for added grip and comfort. It also has an accessory loop to clip on dog waste bags.

This leash is a must-accessory if you are searching for a hardcore dog leash that is chew-proof and secure at the same time.

It comes in two sizes and ten gorgeous colors. Red Currant, Blue Moon, and Granite Grey are the most popular shades among people.

Buyer’s Guide | Choose The Best Chew-proof Dog Leash

Not all leashes are chew-resistant, and people might get confused about which one is the best.

Importance of a chew proof dog leash
A leash is often thought of as "Your Pet's Lifeline" since it safeguards your dog from other animals and passing cars. For the safety of your dog, a chew-proof leash is essential if your dog is a disruptive chewer.

Honestly, there is no indestructible dog leash. All leashes have a life span. Yet, chew-proof leashes are made from quality materials and are designed for durability.

Here you can get an idea of how we have tested and the features to look for in a chew-proof dog leash.

  • Choose a durable material: Puppies that are active chewers can tear through a leash in a few days. A chew-proof leash should have strong material. Chain, leather, rope, and steel cable leashes are preferred options. If your dog is a mild chewer, one can also opt for a nylon leash. But remember to get the leash that has Dual layers of nylon with double stitching.
  • Look for a thicker Leash: Leashes made from thick material are less likely to fray fast on dog biting. They have a stronger footprint in comparison to thinner leashes. So, regardless of a rope or leather leash, go for the one with extra mass to it.
  • Go for a suitable length: The length of the leash is not a feature to overlook. A short leash might frustrate the dog, or an extra-long leash may tangle it while walking. A leash that is well-sized allows the dog to move around and stay in a good mood at the time of training.
  • Reliable locking system: The dog collar attachment clip of any leash is the most important feature. As it ensures safety as a broken clip may result in the dog getting unleashed. If your dog is a heavy puller go for a strong metal clip. You can also consider getting a chew-proof leash with carabiner locking.
  • A comfortable dog leash handle: The primary function of a leash is safety while dog training and walking. Go for a leash that is easy to grip and has a comfy handle. The handle should be well-built with an ergonomic or padded design. 
  • Prefer a made-in-USA leash when possible: The made-in-USA dog leashes are well-known for their strong construction and durable design. Chew-proof leashes made in the US are superior and may cost a bit more as well. Yet, there are many top-quality leashes made by non-US manufacturers as well.

Benefits of Using a Chew-proof Dog Leash

Is there any leash that is unbreakable and worthy of being a 100% chew-proof dog leash? The plain answer is no, every leash can break or can be chewed upon. A good chew-proof leash is one that can resist chewing better than any normal leash. Here are some benefits of getting a chew-proof leash for your dog.

  • A chew-proof leash can help in training a dog to stop leash biting.
  • It is comparatively more durable than standard nylon leashes.
  • Available in different types of leash materials like rope, chain, retractable, and steel wire dog leashes
  • You can choose from different leash sizes and colors.


What Makes a Dog Leash Chew-Proof?

What makes a leash chew-resistant is the use of durable hardware. Of course, not all durable leashes are completely indestructible. Yet, they are stronger and more thinker than the typical nylon leashes available at a local pet store.

What Materials are Best for a Chew-Proof leash?

Never assume that a leash is chew-proof only if the manufacturers say so. Most chew-resistant leashes are “durable,” “heavy-duty” and “strong.” Leashes that are unbreakable are metal cables or chain leashes. Yet a motivated dog can chew through materials like nylon, rope, cotton, leather, or hemp.

What about Retractable Chew-Proof Dog Leashes?

We wish you Good luck in your search for the best chew-proof retractable dog leash. Usually, chew-resistant leashes are metal or strong nylon threads. A retractable setup doesn’t fit well with these materials, thus there is not a wide range. For ease, we recommend PUPTECK chew-proof retractable leash or LAIKA anti-bite retractable leash.

How to Stop Leash Biting with a Chew-Resistant Leash?

Chew-resistant dog leashes are created solely for dogs that are heavy chewers and chompers. These leashes are constructed of especially materials that can withstand dog biting.

However, a chew-proof dog leash is not the final solution to the chewing problem, ultimately you have to train your dog to avoid leash biting otherwise you will be paying for a new leash every month or so.

Final Thoughts | Best Chew Proof Dog Leashes

Most dog leashes are not chew-proof. Yet, these leashes are difficult to chew and have many layers of nylon. They will only tear with continuous chewing over a period of time.

The only reason for using a chew-proof leash is because of a bad experience with one of their dogs.

But, you can teach dogs not to chew on the leash, but this requires training. The best chew-proof dog leash can help you when teaching your pooch not to chew through the leash.

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