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Dog pulling on a leash is the most annoying problem for any dog owner. It is challenging to teach a dog to walk well while being leashed. Pulling on the leash makes dog walking less fun. It is the most common problem when a dog begins leash training for the first time.

Are your shoulders aching after going on a stroll with your dog? It’s time to figure out how to stop a dog from pulling on a leash. Although it may not appear so, leash pulling is uncomfortable for the dog as well. It puts strain on their neck and may cause a muscle tear.

For a strong puller, it is best to use a harness rather than a collar.

Tried everything and haven’t gotten the desired results, let us discuss the best solutions to stop a dog from pulling on a leash. But first, let’s talk about the causes of leash aggression and the reasons why a dog starts to pull on the leash at first.

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Why does my dog pulls on leash?

When dog owners are confronted with a dog that is constantly pulling on leash, it can be hard to figure out the reason why. While many people believe that their dog is simply being stubborn, others think that their dog may be suffering from behavioral problems.

If your dog pulls strongly on leash, then there must be causes to such behavior. Here are some reasons why dogs pull on a leash.

  • Dogs have the impression that pulling on leashes gets them to move forward.
  • They learn that leash pulling will influence dog walkers and they can go where they want.
  • A dog with little or no interactions with humans is more likely to pull on a leash.
  • Dogs pull on the leash when they feel tension. It is up to us to teach them to loosen the leash rather than pull when on a tight leash.
  • Going out on a walk makes dogs excited and they enjoy moving around while pulling on the leash.
  • Dogs are agile animals and full of energy. They pull the leash just because dogs want to move faster.
  • Fun exercises with your dog before going on a walk help to drain excess energy, so they will be calm during walking and training sessions.
  • An untrained dog has no idea how to behave on a loose leash. So, overcoming leash pulling requires leash training and temperament.
  • Your dog may be pulling the leash as he is feeling uncomfortable on a leash, getting the comfortable dog leash and collar may stop pulling on the leash.

How to stop a dog from pulling on leash?

Dog pulling on a leash is a common problem in dog training classes. It can be extremely frustrating for both the dog and the handler.

Here are some tips that you can follow to stop a dog from pulling on the leash.

Make the dog feel comfortable on leash

After you’ve established a bond with your dog, you’ll most likely want to introduce it to the leash. However, there are several things to keep in mind while starting leash training a dog. It’s likely that you’ve tried everything, and it didn’t work out. Here is an article that will help you to teach a dog leash manners and to stay comfortable while on the leash.

Train in less distracting environment

The environment your dog train in will be the most influential factor in determining the success of training. Dogs tend to pull on the leash when they got distracted in the presence of other dogs.

Keep them calm and focused as you start training, and to do so, select areas with minimal distractions or times when people are usually at offices or indoors. Avoid crowded places as they are full of diversions.

Get the right equipment

You can use two different pieces of equipment to ensure your dog knows when he’s expected to walk nicely on leash. Use a flat buckle collar for everyday use, and a back-clip harness for those energetic walks. It will stop your dog from pulling and allow the handler to control the leash. The best leash for dogs that pull can be a great help too.

Hold the leash in the correct manner

Even though your dog will try to pull, make sure to hold the leash correctly. Dogs love to pull on their leash and try to get away from you. Use the leash as a sensitive communication tool and do not wrap it around the hand as this might crush your hand.

Loop the leash around the index finger and make a fist around grabbing the leash, this fist lock provides a firm grip without compromising on sensitivity. Try it yourself.

Reward the dog with delicious treats

Now, you need to find a way to show your dog that good things happen when they stay calm on leash. Whether you decide to use a clicker or some delicious treats, motivation is an important factor.

The simplest way to do this is to reward them with dog treats when they do something right. Basically, this will encourage them to repeat it again. While leash training, whenever the dog starts to release pressure after pulling, motivate him with something rewarding.

Gradually reduce the treats, over time you will realize that the dog will stay calm on leash even without treats.

Do not move forward while the dog is pulling

A hyperactive dog will play tug of war with the leash. This is typical behavior, and even the most well-mannered dogs may yank on the leash when they are aroused.

So, if you start to feel stress on the leash, halt walking and remain strong; do not give the idea that the dog may move forward by pulling on the leash. Start the walk once the leash is loose and repeat this every time your dog pulls on the leash.

Final Thoughts | My Dog Stopped Pulling on The Leash

The truth is, no matter how well-behaved your dog may be, know that sooner or later they will inevitably pull on the leash. This behavior is impossible to control. However, you can teach a dog how to stop pulling on the leash without using any progressive training method.

Simply do not go ahead when the dog pulls on the leash; when the dog loosens the leash, resume walking, and don’t forget to praise him with tasty treats. The goal here is to teach dogs that pulling on the leash is counterproductive and that walking on a loose leash is rewarding.

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