Why My Dog Won’t Come When Called | 4 Main Reasons

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Dogs are pack animals and they have a natural instinct to stay in packs. This instinct is so strong that when we call them, it is most likely the dog won’t come when called.

The first thing you should do is to make sure that your dog is not deaf or has any hearing impairment. If this is not the case, then you need to teach the dog recall training through repetition and consistency.

Pro Tip: If your dog does not respond when you call him, do not repeat the words. Say it once, then act to be excited by cheering, clapping, and sitting. These actions attract dogs to come when called.

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4 Main Reasons Why Dog Won’t Come When Called

The Dog Thinks You Sound Angry at the time of training

Dogs are known for their acute sense of hearing. They can tell the difference between a human’s voice and other sounds. Dogs can also recognize the tone of your voice and they can tell if you sound angry or happy.

This phenomenon is observed by many dog trainers. It’s not clear yet why this happens, however, it is safe to assume that an angry tone of voice is one of the reasons your dog won’t come when called.

As dog thinks you sound angry, they get scared and might be hesitant to obey your commands.

The Dog feels that your Command does Worth Obeying

Dogs have a natural instinct to obey their owners because they want to please them. This is why it is important for dog owners to be consistent with commands and reward the dog for obeying when it does so.

Make dogs feel their obedience is worthy by applauding them and giving them delicious treats or rewards.

You are Training Dog in a Disturbing Environment

When in a distracting environment, like when there are other dogs, squirrels, or cats around, it can be difficult for the dog to focus on your commands.

The trainers have to work hard in order to get the dog’s attention first, then repeat commands until they understand what you want them to do. So, find a less disturbing place or just train the dog in a less crowded environment.

The Recall Training Felt Boring

Whenever a dog decides to listen to its owner, overcoming all of the potential distractions around, it’s a big deal. So merely repeating the recall command and then standing silent feels boring.

It is important to keep recall training fun and enjoyable. As the dog come to you when called motivate them by clapping, jumping, and whistling. These actions demonstrate that you are pleased with their good behavior.

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Use Treats and Love to Train a Disobedience Dog to Come when Called

Many people believe that a well-behaved dog is one that is trained with punishment. However, a harsh and forceful method of training not only discourages the pets from listening but also causes them to fear their owners.

Disobedience can be used to teach your dog to come when called For example, if your dog won’t come when called, do not punish him. Instead, reward them when they do come to you when called.

Later gradually decrease the frequency of rewards, until the dog obeys your commands without treats. This will help you teach the dog whatever behavior you want.

Tips To Teach Your Dog To Come When Called

  • If you continuously say the dog’s name or “come,” your dog will ultimately wear out and the command will lose its meaning. Say your dog’s name and the command once like “Bruno, come!” and then use different words like “come here”, “here boy” or “here, Bruno” when teaching them to come.
  • To make training easy, begin with a six-foot leash and then gradually move to a long line leash. This also helps to offer your dog greater freedom while remaining safe.
  • If your dog does not obey, don’t use the leash to catch them. Instead, keep the leash loose and use it to walk toward your dog until he comes to you as well.
  • Do not impose obedience on the dog. We want them to come whenever called off their own will, not by force or through fear.
  • Finally, no dog is without problems. Never leave your dog unattended in a place where they might get hurt or get lost in the bushes, or get into trouble.

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Conclusion: Why my Dog Won’t Come When Called

Dogs who are distracted and shy. They rarely listen and always ran away when called because they wanted to go wherever they want.

This is so frustrating as it couldn’t be controlled sometimes! Why won’t dogs come when called? And How to train a disobedient dog to come when called? is exactly what is needed!

Try the tips above to teach a dog to come when called.

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