How Much Exercise Does a Husky Puppy Need

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There is a thin line between what the dog needs to be healthy and what makes them tired. You should avoid overtraining at any cost while still providing enough activity to your husky so that his stimuli can get stronger with time.

Overexercising your husky puppy may cause muscle stress, dislocations, and mood swings, huskies may also develop hip issues as they grow up.

So, it is crucial to know How Much Exercise Does a Husky Puppy Needs? And How long should you exercise your little Husky pup?

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How Much Exercise Does a Husky Puppy Need?

For all dogs, use the basic guideline of approximately 1-2 minutes of leash walking multiplied by weeks of age. In other words, if you have a 6 weeks old husky, keep walks limited to no more than 12-18 minutes, possibly.

You can increase that up to 56 minutes gradually over 28 weeks, however, 56 minutes of exercise is more than enough for any adult dog.

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How Long Should I Exercise my Husky puppy?

With time, you should be able to evaluate how much distance your husky can walk after 10 to 8 months, during this point you won’t need to use any maths.

In the beginning, you should teach a husky puppy how to walk on a leash comfortably, rather than run or jump. While husky pups are pullers and it is OK if they pull on the leash occasionally. Aggressive leash pulling needs to be addressed if they occur frequently during walks.

For making things easier for all husky owners, the table below provides a general idea of how far a husky puppy may go given its age in months.

Husky Age (Month)Walking TimeDistance
3 months24 minutes1 mile
4 months32 minutes1.5 miles
5 months40 minutes1.7 miles
6 months48 minutes2 miles
7 months56 minutes2.3 miles
8 months56 minutes2.3 miles
9 months56 minutes2.3 miles
10 months56 minutes2.3 miles
How long should you exercise your little Husky pup?

These measurements won’t be exact for people who walk quickly. When walking a young husky, nonetheless, we must take things a little more slowly.

Also, remember we are considering walking your husky casually, these stats will change if you are jogging or running with the husky.

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Final Thoughts

While leash training your husky puppy try to keep an eye on him at all times. Not all dogs will let you know how exhausted they are getting; you have to assess it. If your dog starts to sit down, again and again after walking a few feets, it’s better to call it a day off and praise your husky with delicious treats for all the work.

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