How to Leash Train a Rabbit and Why is it Important?

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Rabbits are wonderful pets and they are adored by everyone. Bunnies have unique personalities and are fun to play with. All this makes rabbits the ideal family pet that you are looking for.

Being intelligent and proactive animals, owners can teach rabbits a variety of tasks, from “fetching a stick”, “pooping in the litter box”, and “coming to the owner when called” one problem that bunny owners really have is Can You Leash Train a Rabbit?.

To acquire a precise answer, we have gathered information from a number of sources and compiled this guide on How To Train A Rabbit To Walk On A Leash?

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Can I Leash Train a Rabbit?

A leash and rabbit harness are a great help when the safety and well-being of your rabbits are needed the most. As, rabbits are small animals, that are easily scared. This is why they will often try to run away from a human or another animal when they see them coming.

A few things to keep in mind when training rabbits:

  • Your rabbit may be hesitant at first; just be patient and don’t push them too hard
  • Be consistent with your training routine
  • Try not to use food as a reward because they may become overweight

What are the Benefits of Leash Training a Rabbit?

Rabbits are prey animals and their instinct is to run away from threats. This means they will often try to bolt out of an open door or jump off a table.

Leash training can be a great way to keep your rabbit safe with you, rather than being out in the world where they could be hurt or killed by any predator.

A leash walking routine can also be a great way for your rabbit to get exercise as well as mental stimulation. Leash walking can also help keep your rabbit from becoming overweight, which is common in rabbits who don’t get enough exercise on their own.

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How to Leash Train a Rabbit (The Easy Way)

When it comes to training a rabbit, there are two major things you need to do. The first is to teach the rabbit how to wear a harness and the second is how to walk on a leash.

First thing first, you will need to purchase a small leash and harness for your rabbit that has a loop at the back for leash attachment.

Then, start making your rabbit familiar with the harness and leash. Simply place the harness on their back and let them get used to it for a few days before moving onto the leash training phase.

Next, attach a small leash to the loop on the back of the harness so that the rabbits know what it feels like when they’re on a leash before attempting any type of training session.

Lastly, start by walking your bunny in a confined space such as your backyard or in the lounge. Once they are comfortable with this process, you can go to a park to start leash training your rabbit.

As you are just starting with leash training your rabbits, choose a place that is safe for your rabbits, and avoid places where there are predators. Also in the beginning keep the training short and interactive, a 15 to 20 minutes time will be optimal.

If you are out for off-leash training and want to give more freedom to your rabbit, attach one end of the leash with an extra-long lead so that they can move without being restricted by the length of the leash.

6 Tips on How to Leash Train a Rabbit

  • Before leash training earn the trust of your new rabbits by spending time and playing together.
  • Do not start leash training too early, 4 to 5 months old rabbits can go under behavioral and command training easily.
  • Please do not compromise on training equipment, get a comfortable harness and lightweight leash for your rabbit. Avoid collars as they are not comfortable for bunnies.
  • Start at a slow face, 2 to 3 leash training sessions a week will do most at the start. If you or your bunny does not feel like training today, take a day off.
  • In the beginning, keep training short and easy. Do not force any command on the pet.
  • Start walking your rabbit at home before going outdoors on a walk.

Conclusion: How To Train A Rabbit To Walk On A Leash

It is not difficult to leash train a rabbit, but it does need patience and persistence. 

To begin, your rabbit must become comfortable with wearing a harness. Put the harness on your rabbit and then let him or her run around in the yard or in a Pet Playpen.

Later, once the rabbit gets familiar with the harness you may link the leash to the harness and let them walk about your house or yard as you hold the leash.

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