How to Train Your Husky Off Leash (Complete Guide)

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Being totally reliant on their dog’s commitment and dedication to behaving while off leashed is among the top training goal for every dog owner. The idea of a dog’s loyalty and capacity to be there for you no matter how many distractions there are in the surroundings makes a dog well-trained.

However, for any dog being obedient all the time is not quite possible and huskies are no exception. That is why you must know how to train your husky off leash.

Huskies are a wonderful dog breed, fully capable of becoming a useful family dog, but it’s also important to remember that they are still animals and occasionally they may exercise their free will.

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Why You Should Train Your Husky Off Leash?

The husky is among the type of dogs that appears to handle stress with grace. The Husky is well-known for being able to pull sleds over great distances through snowy and windy areas because they were bred to perform hard tasks.

While this stamina and strength are a fantastic asset when under control, to do so you have to push your husky and strive to train him to demonstrate the level of obedience even when not on a leash.

Even though it will be satisfying and fulfilling, your objective to train a husky off leash can be harder than one anticipates.

Can you train a Husky to be Obedient Off Leash?

When training a husky, most people get intimidated by their powerful bodies and aggressive attitude. However, huskies are friendly and intelligent dog breeds which makes them ok for domesticating.

A Husky puppy’s wolf-like appearance, piercing blue eyes, and plumed tails make them adored by many.

Though, Siberian Huskies aren’t always the finest pets for timid or inexperienced owners. Husky loyalty must be earned over many months of care and affection and even then a dog will not always obey you all the time.

Huskies are renowned for their independence, tenacity, and willingness to act however they like, thus it is important to keep them under surveillance and well under control all the time.

However, you could train a husky to behave off leash if you are consistent with correct training methods, first teach your dog to come to you upon command. Always use a long lead or long line when off leash training a husky.

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Where You Should Train Your Husky Off Leash?

It is best to look for open areas with minimum crowed for off leash training your husky, an empty soccer or baseball stadium is a viable option if there are no dedicated dog parks in your locality. All in all, to off leash train any dog choose an area with high fencing with no gaps, so high that a Husky couldn’t jump over.

The ideal scenario is to train in bigger enclosed parks, preferably with other trainers and dogs.

How about off leash training you’re husky in outdoor spaces having no walls or fences.

When starting off leash training choose the safest locations early on, away from crowds, traffic, major roads, or highways. 

Once you feel confident enough that you are in control, then bring your husky to the open parks that do not have safe fences.

The finest place to practice obedience training is close to nature, I really mean it and your husky will appreciate it as well.

An important thing here is to note that you must avoid places where you can lose sight of your husky, and also rule out places where cats or squirrels gather, while off leash training a husky.

How to Train Your Husky Off Leash?

The secret to achieving the final result of feeling safe when your husky is off leash is mastering recall training. To prevent any dog from becoming a problem to you and others, he or she should come to you when called at any time.

Get some delicious treats that the Husky enjoys, along with a durable dog leash. Whichever dog training you decide to start, these will be helpful in reinforcing control and encouraging the dog when needed.

Before starting off leash training, it is recommended to begin leash training first, once your husky is good on leash, go to a well-secured and fenced dog park for off leash training.

When beginning off leash training, first use a long leash, once your husky gets familiar with being off leash and comes to you whenever you call them then you can take off the long leash and let them roam free. Remember, never ever let your husky off leash if the location is not properly fenced or secured.

Getting Started with Husky Off Leash Training

To make things easier, here is the tried and tested step-by-step method to train your husky off leash. The recall training method!

1. Use Delicious Dog Treats

To encourage your Husky to come as you call, use a reward system like dog treats or any food that your husky likes.

2. Make Only One Call

Call the name of your husky just once. They can start to disregard the command if you use their name too much.

3. Make Training a Bit Interesting

Take some dog treats in your hand and wave them in front of the husky, Get your husky’s attention, most probably now he or she will approach you or rush after you.

4. Reward Recall When the Husky Obeys 

When your husky successfully comes to you when called, praise him or her with a delicious treat. Show your husky that obeying recall commands is fun and wonderful by giving a lot of verbal appreciation as well.

5. Don’t Use Recalls Sparingly

Avoid calling your husky without any motive or possibly just for fun. Your recall command will lose its effectiveness if you call the dog again and again for no reason. After some time your dog will begin to shun or ignore you as a result of this.

6. Now Practice Off Leash With Recalls

Once your husky had mastered recall training, go to a secure place or a properly fenced dog park, and practice this recall training with the husky off leash or while using a long leash.

Final Thoughts | Train Your Husky Off Leash

You should reconsider your plans if you are getting a Husky and imagining that it will follow you around or play with you like a Border Collie or Golden Retriever

The majority of Husky owners know how energetic this breed is so, they never let their dogs run free in open spaces without any protective fencing. Hate to disappoint you, but this is one of the trade-offs of having a husky, and it’s for their own benefit.

Therefore, if you really are dedicated to giving your husky continuous, ongoing recall coaching since their childhood, you could let them off leash in certain situations.

Use our training method on how to train your husky off leash. Take advantage, especially when your husky is providing positive feedback, and you’ll get success with time and effort.


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