5 Tips To Leash Train A Husky Puppy

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Huskies sometimes find it difficult to behave well while being walked on a leash. They are aggressive pullers, after all.  However, a pulling Husky can hurt your back or neck, become dislocated, or even hurt other individuals that are near him.

To enjoy a peaceful walk with your husky puppy, it is time to teach them leash manners and stop pulling on the leash.

Despite the fact that to leash train a husky puppy you will need patience and commitment.

Here are some tips that can help leash training a husky pup and avoid leash aggression.

Tip#1 Get The Right Tools For Leash Training A Husky

The best way to start with leash train your husky is to get the right equipment. The tools that you would probably need are a leash, collar or harness, and some delicious dog treats.

As Huskies are medium-sized energetic breeds, the best leash for a husky must be a 4feet leash, short leashes are used primarily to impose control immediately. As for the type of leash, nylon or rope leash with shock-absorbing bungee will do the trick.

Also, use a Martingale collar or a comfortable harness. Lastly don’t forget treats that your beloved Husky likes.

Tip#2 Get Your Husky Familiar with The Collar & Leash

Allowing your Husky to feel comfortable while wearing a collar or harness before introducing a leash is the most crucial part of teaching a Husky to walk on a leash. Make sure that the leash and collar used are light as well as strong enough to satisfy the needs of a husky

Huskies are not a breed that can be trained inside a house or in the backyard. Before starting leash training a husky first tie the leash to the collar or harness and take them to a nearby park during off-peak hours.

For now, use a long-leash and let them roam around the park while wearing the collar or harness so that they can become used to how it feels to wear a collar or harness.

Tip#3 Impose Control As Husky Pulls on the Leash

When walking with your husky puppy, the very first thing you need to establish is control. If your husky start to pull while wearing a leash, you must pause right away and wait until the dog starts to behave. If your husky starts to pull in a direction, stop immediately, and as the leash loosens walk your husky in the opposite direction to indicate that you are the boss.

It’s necessary for a Husky owner to take the lead and establish themselves as the pack’s alpha male while training.

Tip#4 Reward Good Behaviour with Delicious Treats

Training a Husky puppy to behave on a walk is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, but it is not impossible. It’s important to know when and how to encourage your dog to behave either through food or by positive reinforcements.

It is important to reward dogs when they behave well since they are more likely to pay attention when they see treats or something delicious food to eat. Giving dogs rewards every time they ask will not at all help in teaching them and will only encourage disobedience.

Only reward your husky when they obey or show some positive behavior.

Tip#5 Keep the Walks Short in the Beginning

For a puppy, short training sessions are always more effective than long and extensive ones. A puppy can learn more without getting bored or overwhelmed.

It is conceivable that a Husky puppy will not learn anything from lengthy training sessions and may eventually grow to despise them. Short walks enable puppies to gradually increase their energy and better understand the task they are learning.

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