Without the expertise of our team, which includes professionals in a variety of pet-related professions, such as dog trainers and animal practitioners, BestDogLeash.ORG would not be able to provide analyses, recommendations, and other useful resources for pets.

Camela Coleman (Co.Founder & Chief Editor)

BestDogLeash.ORG was started by Camela, and her goal in creating it was to give dog owners a place where they could access free information that would help them connect with their pets more effectively while walking and traveling. She devotes her leisure time to caring for animals at locations where orphaned animals are housed. Camela also contributes a percentage of her fortune to Orlando, Sorrento, and Clearwater animal shelters.

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Harry Wohler (Pro Dog Walker & Editor)

When everything seems to be falling apart, Harry saves the day! He is the brains behind the informational blogs of the items and is a dog walker from Mission Valley San Diego. He has a strong desire to locate the best solutions because he is a passionate dog lover. Before being published, every piece of content on BestDogLeash.Org that has to do with pet training is carefully reviewed by Harry.

Miana Neeraj (Writer)

Mania is the soul of BestDogLeash.Org; thanks to her upbeat demeanor, she is adored by both pets and our staff. She has several pets and is knowledgeable about them. Mania is amazing at locating informative research content and testing most of the products.

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Ryan Dahmer (Writer & Pet Grooming)

Part-time pet groomer Ryan offers in-home pet grooming solutions. He is skilled in all facets of caring for dogs and cats because he works as a groomer. He also works as a full-time writer at BestDogLeash.Org, where he shares his expertise and viewpoints through blogging or product recommendations.

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