Why is My Puppy Biting Leash

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Are you annoyed with your puppy biting leash?

While taking a new puppy for a run, he starts to chew on the leash continually, like a tugging toy. Won’t you love it if he just walked like a civilized pup, exploring bushes and territory marking on fire hydrants?

How to Train a Puppy to Stop Biting on a Leash? Puppies are full of energy and they love to run around, explore and play. They admire going on walks with their owners, but sometimes your puppy might not want to walk on a leash. This is because they feel restricted or because they are excited about something that is near them.

For a puppy, to stroll rather well on a leash is a great deal for any parent. Puppies, you see, have a habit of biting things, and that is completely natural. It’s literally something they do. They like chomping on everything that shows movement.

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Learning Why Puppy Bite Leash and the Reason Behind it

Leash biting is a common behavior in puppies. It is something that can be prevented with proper training and leash management.

There are many reasons why puppies bite their leashes. Some of them are:

  • The puppy lacks socializing skills.
  • Your puppy is not properly trained.
  • Puppy is biting leash out of leash frustration or curiosity.
  • They don’t know the difference between play biting and leash biting.
  • They have been punished for other negative behaviors like chewing or jumping on people.

What are Effective Techniques to Prevent PUPPY BITING on a Leash

There are many techniques that can work for a variety of different reasons and situations. The key is finding what works best with your puppy. Here are some of our tried-and-true methods:

Positive Reinforcement

Offer your puppy rewards when they stop biting the leash. This can be food, toys, and other interactive activities. You can even offer a petting on the head or belly that is a gesture of appreciation for your pup.


Try distracting your puppy when they’re biting on the leash. This can be done by petting, clapping, dancing, or playing music in front of the pup. You can also give a leash-biting puppy a chewing toy as an alternative.


The simplest and most effective method is to ignore the behavior while your puppy learns that biting or barking doesn’t bring you any treats! He will likely discontinue such behavior. During walks just stop and don’t move forward until the puppy stops biting the leash. Show the puppy you are in control!


It is not an option, if you punish a puppy when they disobey, it will teach them to fear or be scared of you. This can lead to an unhealthy relationship between the two of you and prevent them from learning and getting trained.


A clicker is a small device that emits an electronic sound and then immediately follows it with food, treats, or praise. The idea of using a clicker is that it can be used to teach your dog new behaviors by pairing the clicking sound of the clicker with rewards.

Bitter Apple

As the last resolve, place a coating of bitter apple syrup on the leash. Most puppies dislike the flavor of bitter apple, so if they link bitter taste with the leash, the puppy will be less inclined towards biting the leash.

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Tips to Stop Puppy Biting Leash

We discussed how to stop your dog from biting on the leash. The first step is to make sure that you are giving your dog enough exercise. The next step is to use a training collar. You can also try out these tips as well:

Conclusion: Why Puppy Biting Leash

Puppies are curious and they get bored easily. They need to explore their surroundings and have fun, that is why puppy biting leash is most likely.

Puppies don’t always know what is good for them. They might be biting the leash because they just want to play or are getting excited to go on a walk.

Regardless of the reason, it’s important that you have patience and train your puppy to stop biting his leash.

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