5 Easy Tips for Leash Training Your Dog

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Got a new puppy and want to know proven tips and tricks that can help you with leash training? Here are some of the basic tips for better leash training.

Get the right equipment

Good quality gear is very important for any training activity. At first make sure to get the best dog leash, collar, or harness for your dog. The type of equipment depends upon the breed, size, and nature of your dog. A standard leash and collar would do well for most of the dogs, however, for dogs that are extra-large or have a sleek neck, you should first measure the neck and get the dog collar that is most suitable.

Be stiff as a board

While leash training it is pretty common that dogs may pull or tug. So, stop walking when the dog pulls on the leash. Stand stiff until the dog stops pulling and then start to walk again. Get a head halter and a leash for the dog that pulls if the bog pulls a lot.

Do not let the dog approach other dogs

Dogs usually get distracted quite easily and they might reach other dogs for friendship. However, some dogs that are under behavioral training are not that friendly. If a dog owner does not give permission, don’t get offended. Be optimistic, the dog may be under training or under-recovery from some illness.

Be a responsible dog owner

Do not push your dog to exhaustion keep the training sessions short. As a responsible citizen and dog lover keep some waste bags at the time of outdoor training. Dog waste can pollute water supplies and are unpleasant to step on.

Make your dog stay calm

Lack of interactive and outdoor activities with your dog is a common issue. If a dog does not get plenty of physical activities to boost its mental health and habits. They might get frustrated or may engage in poor habits like barking on others, running around the house and most of all being aggressive with the owners. Get your dog some toys and frequently engage with them in playing fetch, swimming, running, and leash training.

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