How To Stop Your Dog from Biting Its Leash?

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You can’t get away from the truth that dogs can chew through their leashes.

Leash biting is a common behavioral issue in dogs that, if untreated, can become a habit.

Puppies in general typically go through this phase. This behavior is natural, as an untrained puppy sees a leash as a toy and starts playing with it.

Dog biting is not at all good for any dog leash in long run. There is no need to panic. To stop a dog from biting a leash, you just need to be patient and follow simple training and avoid dog biting leash.

Continue reading for explanations of why are dogs so eager to chew their lead as well as how to stop a dog from biting the leash.

Why do dogs bite leash?

There can be a number of reasons why a dog starts leash biting. One of which is to release excess energy that they had stored within. In such cases, it is best to give them an alternative to bite on like a rope or a toy. Dogs are active canines, and they may have a difficult time controlling themselves. In some cases, they get overwhelmed to start tugging, jumping, growling, and chewing on the leash.

On the other hand, dogs also exhibit inappropriate behavior when they need attention. Nobody gives attention to a calm dog with good leash manners. So, it is better to give your dog attention and engage in activities that are important to create a relationship between the dog and the owner. Usually, dogs growl or start chewing on the leash after pooping or when they see another dog.

Leash biting is a way to release the stress that dogs usually do. This behavior is likely to occur if your pup is new in the house or has just been out of the shelter home. Get your pup in a good mood, play with him, feed him with dog treats, go for a walk. Just try to overcome the stress as in intense situations, it is more likely that the dog will start leash biting.

There are some dogs who just want to carry something in the mouth or chew on things that they found attractive.

How to Stop A Dog from Biting Leash?

We have discussed all the reasons that may cause a dog to bite on a leash. Once you got to know why your dog showing such behavior. Now, here are some ways to stop your dog from leash biting.

Train you puppy to stop biting on the leash

It is essential to teach a puppy to stop doing any behavior that can harm him or the people around him. Similarly, you can teach him to stop biting on the leash or any other thing just by training and imposing control when it is needed.

  • Start by teaching the puppy to relax on the leash.
  • If the puppy tends to bite the leash, stop and look, tell him to drop the leash with a hand gesture or with a “drop it” command.
  • As he left the leash, give him a treat and praise him for being such a good puppy. (Do not reward your dog for undesirable behavior as this might encourage him.)
  • Start swinging the leash in front of the puppy and when he bites the leash again.
  • Repeat the process several times and reward the pup whenever he stops biting and leaves the leash.

The main idea here is to teach the puppy that he is not allowed to bite the leash and after some sessions, the dog would eventually realize that leash biting is bad behavior and will stop.

Get dogs an alternative to bite on

Most of the times dog chew on the leash as they haven’t had anything else to bite on. Providing an alternative instead can be an optimal solution, first, let him get familiar with the leash. Train the dog to leave the leash as he is not supposed to bite it. Create some rules and boundaries by teaching your dog that the alternative chewing toy or rope is ok for biting, but he should not bite on the leash.

Use bitter leash spray to avoid leash biting

The use of bitter leash spray is debatable; some dog trainers use them, and some consider them unnecessary. However, you may use a bitter leash spray. When your dog bites the leash and gets a sour taste in his mouth, he would most probably stop biting on the leash. It is a suitable option if you are dealing with an adult dog but if it is a puppy start teaching him to stop biting on the leash.

Try a different type of leash

Sometimes getting a dog to stop biting on the leash can be as simple as changing the material of the leash. It may be the type of leash that is encouraging your dog to bite as dogs like to chew on leather. So, if you have a leather leash try a chew-proof leash instead.

Final Thoughts | How to Stop A Dog from Biting Leash?

Dog grabbing and chewing a leash is frustrating. It can be a burden on your monthly expenses, as most of the nylon leashes are very easy to fray upon chewing. Dog owners should discourage their pups from biting the leash while walking, training, or playing in the park.

For training a dog to stop biting on the leash you can consider the best chew-proof dog leashes as they are prone to resist dog chewing, unlike standard dog leashes.

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