How to Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash?

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Before you teach a dog to walk on a leash, you have to get on with the leash training tips and tricks.

There is a misconception that teaching a dog to adjust to the leash is difficult and facilitating the dog to walk on the leash can only be done by an expert dog trainer.

Dogs are inborn with the ability to walk, however walking politely requires some training.

You can train your dog to walk on a loose leash, but it takes time and patience to teach the pup to stay on a leash on demand. This can be done through positive reinforcement or corrections, but it really depends on your dog’s behavior.

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How to Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash (Step By Step)

Teaching a dog to walk with a leash on is not that hard. It just requires some steps that you can follow to train your dog or puppy to get used to the leash.

Get the dog or puppy familiar with the leash and collar

Before allowing your dog to go outside with the collar and leash, let them wear the dog leash and collar indoors so that the dog can get used to them. Do not push, let your dog wear them for a short span of time, and engage in fun activities with the dog so that they can enjoy the leash time.

Play with your dog before going outside for a walk

It is very important to keep the dog in a good mood before every training session. So, do some fun activities with your mutt and let him play with dog toys when you are planning to go outside for dog training sessions.

Overcome outdoor distraction

Go to a park that is not crowded and doesn’t forget to fill your pockets with dog treats. Choose a place where the dog can run freely with no minimal distractions. Start with the training session by giving the dog some treats to get him focused on the trainer. Each time dog obeys the command give him some treat as a reward for good behavior.

Get the dog to come back to you

Move forward a few paces with the leash loosely in hand, call your dog and let him come back, while on the collar and leash. As he reaches you reward him. Remember to keep the leash loose as we want the dog to walk alongside and avoid pulling.

Keep training sessions short

If your dog is not giving you attention, then it is probably because something is distracting his focus so get to some other place in the park and continue with the training. As a good dog owner, do not force the dog to get exhausted keep the sessions short, fun, and interactive.

Keep practicing leash manners all the time

As your dog is now obeying you while wearing the leash. Now it is important to get on with good leash manners. Leash pulling and tugging is a serious issue when it comes to dog walking so, it is important to teach your dog to stay calm and easy even when they got overwhelmed.

As time passes start minimizing the treats

Slowly reduce the treats while teaching the dog to walk on the leash outside. The idea here is to progressively make the dog walk on the leash with ease and without any reward.

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FAQs on Training a Dog to Walk on Leash

What will you need before starting a dog walk?

To leash train a dog you will require a reliable dog leash, collar, or harness (The leash should be 4 to 6 feet long), delicious treats that your dog likes, and most of all some patience.

What to do if your dog pulls while walking on a leash?

When the dog starts pulling the leash, keep calm and start to force control on him. Stand stiff and do not move until the dog lets go of the pulling. Do not yank or drag the leash as this may make the dog more aggressive. Once the dog starts obeying your commands give him a treat as a token of appreciation.

What to do if your dog gets distracted at the time of walking?

The reason why a dog gets distracted and loses focus is because of something that got his attention. Some dogs get distracted by other dogs or birds from the park. Try to get back his focus by calling the dog and giving him a treat otherwise, go to a place in the park that is less crowded and distracted.

Final Thoughts | Teach a Dog to Walk on a Leash

The man’s best friend is not all arrogant or disobedient, dogs need basic training to be able to adjust to society.

A well-taught dog should be able to walk on the leash and without getting distracted. Leash skills are crucial for the safety of both the dog and the owner.

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