How To Walk Two Dogs at Once

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Handling two dogs at once may be challenging if you are a new dog owner. You can make walking your dogs fun and exciting with training and time.

At first, start taking the two dogs for short walks together so you can know how they behave with each other. After some time, you will be well prepared to guide both of your dogs on prolonged walks with a little effort and dedication.

Man Walking Multiple Dogs on Leash

You can learn how to walk two dogs with one leash or with two separate leashes at once.

That is why here we will discuss all you need to know about how to walk two dogs at the same time? And what are the best ways to walk two dogs at once?

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Can I Walk Two Dogs at Once?

You can take on both dogs on a walk at once and take pleasure in spending time with them. Dogs can walk beside another dog easily with some simple coaching. However, you should first leash train each dog properly before attempting to walk them together.

Why Is It Difficult to Walk Two Dogs?

Due to convenience, many dog owners ask for advice on how to walk two dogs together. Maybe you are living alone or lack of time discourages you to walk each dog separately, or no one else in your home is willing to facilitate you in dog walking. Or perhaps you simply prefer walking both of your pets at the same time.

Handling two dogs at once on a walk could seem simple, especially if you have two quiet, obedient, and tiny dogs, but it might be difficult if you have two big, energetic, and aggressive dogs. But why exactly is it so challenging to walk two dogs together?

First, you must have a better understanding of why dogs are so desperate to pull on the leash and how to stop leash pulling. It is crucial to comprehend the obstacles that you can face while walking two dogs at once.

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What Are the Challenges of Walking Two Dogs At Once?

Now you know that handling two dogs on a walk can be tough, let’s look at some issues that can arise when walking two dogs simultaneously. There are several challenges while walking two dogs at once.

The fact that dogs frequently feed on each other’s feelings is a major hurdle in walking two dogs together. To put things under perspective, A dog is prone to become aggressive if he saw another dog doing the same.

Man Standing With Multiple Dogs

While walking two dogs at once, one dog might howl, rush, and keep its ears straight forward when it spots a squirrel. The second dog might show the same behavior soon after, and soon you will have two stressed, difficult-to-control dogs yanking your arms and pulling you along with them.

Another challenge is If both dogs do not go along with each other or don’t like each other, it is best to walk them separately.

How Do You Walk Two Dogs At Once?

If you have a dog that likes to pull, you might be curious about how professional dog-walkers manage to walk not two, but three to five dogs at once. Certainly, most dog walkers do not possess the massive build of Will Atherton or the miraculous determination of Cesar Milan. The key lies in using the right tools for the job, and properly leash training each dog individually. 

Tips for Walking More Than One Dog at a Time

Here are some pointers for controlling more than one dog on a walk.

1. Individually Focus on Each Dog

Every musical instrument in a band needs to be tuned before it can be played. The same holds true when leading a pack of dogs. Each dog will benefit from individual guidance as you work with them one-on-one to develop a habit of leash manners. While walking multiple dogs at once you want each dog to be leash trained, can walk with a polite attitude, heel when asked to, and focus on you despite all the distractions.

2. Use the Appropriate Tools

When the dogs get used to walking on leashes, the next decision is to choose the best leash to walk two dogs at once.

Most seasoned dog walkers favor using two leashes, meaning using a separate leash for each dog, otherwise, some also prefer getting a dog leash coupler so that they can walk two dogs with one leash.

Whether dogs continue to pull, they must be fitted with a no-pull harness or martingale dog collars, which will allow you to easily handle them in extreme situations.

3. Have Delicious Dog Treat On Hand

Never forget to carry a bag loaded with dog treats, it is always a smart idea because you can never tell what can happen when you’re out walking two dogs at once. 

If your pups heel well or stop pulling on the leash, you might want to reward them with treats, or you might also use treats to immediately get their attention if they got distracted after seeing some squirrels.

4. Practice Often and Have Patience

It takes time to learn how to walk two dogs at once in a systematic way. Prior to mastering walking multiple dogs, there is some practice required. Dogs with behavior issues probably require more one-on-one time until they are easier to handle in the presence of other dogs.

As can be seen, training your dogs to walk in a consistent way will take some time, but the benefits will be well worth the effort.

Things to Avoid While Walking Two Dogs at Once

It is mostly advised not to use retractable leashes while walking two dogs together. The overall design of the retractable leash makes it extremely challenging for the dog walker to carry two leashes at once, in addition to the fact that retractable leashes get tangled easily and may not withstand leash pulling.

Also, keep in mind that handling two dogs at once can be physically demanding; two strong energetic dogs are quite the powerhouse, not everybody can manage such a scenario without failing once or twice before getting used to handling multiple dogs altogether.

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