Why Does My Puppy Pee When Excited?

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You can’t help but adore your puppy and its cuteness. But what they just did won’t bring a smile to your face: They just peed right in front of you. And now you’re questioning whether this is some sort of punishment for leaving them alone, or if it’s their way of making you angry.

There can be many reasons, why does a puppy pee when excited? At most, the puppy needs to learn bladder and bowel control, they might not want to leave their owners, or they might have medical issues like Urinary tract infection.

Find out why does a puppy pee when excited? and When do puppies outgrow peeing when excited?

Submissive Peeing Vs Excitement Urination in Puppies

Submissive urination is a behavioral response that is frequently used by puppies to communicate to another that the dog submits and means no harm to anyone. This usually occurs when the pup is frightened or feels insecure. The issue of Submissive urination can easily be resolved by boosting the confidence of your dog.

On the other hand, Excitement urination, which is more prevalent in young pups, is a stimulus involuntary reaction to excitement.  This means that the puppy releases urine when enthusiastic as they lose control over their bladder.

The majority of puppies will outgrow their enthusiasm and submissive urinating as they grow up.

What is Excitement Peeing in puppy training?

When puppies are thrilled, they will almost certainly wag their tail. They may also leave a little puddle of urine behind. Submissive urination is an innate, bodily response that is common in young canines.

When a pup is enthusiastic, bashful, frightened, or afraid, he or she will urinate in a submissive manner. It may also occur when a dog wishes to accept another’s superiority, such as when a dog identifies its owner. That may be a reason why does a dog pee when you pet him.

Why Does My Puppy Pee When Excited?

The first thing first is to identify why a puppy is peeing when excited.

Because they haven’t learned to regulate their need to pee, puppies and young dogs are more prone to urinating improperly.

As these dogs are behaving naturally, this is a behavioral problem rather than a medical one. A number of things can play a role in this:


If a puppy is under the age of 12 weeks, he or she is more prone to pee in submission to demonstrate that they are not the boss. Young puppies may also lack the capacity to regulate their pee at this time. You can enhance their capacity to hold urine through housetraining.

Fear and Past Experiences

Past experiences are also a reason for inappropriate peeing. If pups had bad experiences with their past owners, they may be trying to tell you that they acknowledge you as the master and are trying to avoid punishment.

Emotional Stress and Anxiety

This may sound cute, another reason for puppy peeing when excited is because they love you. When you’re gone, your puppy misses you. If they believe you’re about to leave, they might release urine as a result of their mental discomfort of being left alone.

Medical Issues

If you feel your dog’s urinating isn’t due to excitement or submission, you should not rule out other possibilities before trying to rectify the problem. They may have some medical issues like Urinary incontinence or Urinary tract infection. At this moment it is recommended to take professional guidance from a dog veterinarian.

How to Stop Excitement Urination?

In most cases, as your pup gets older, he or she will lose the desire to urinate when excited. However, when dogs are young, they may be trained easily.

As you identified why your pup is peeing when excited it is best to take them outside when they are about to pee to avoid the inconvenience of cleaning.

Next, treating excitement urination requires a calm approach. Try to stay calm and cool in front of your pup, don’t get him too excited. If the pup urinates as he sees you after a hard day at the office. First try to ignore him for a bit, as the pup calms down, pet him with relaxed body language and a mild voice.


Why Does My Puppy Pee When Excited? If your puppy pees on the floor when excited, don’t get mad or punish them. Your puppy is still new to its home and marking its territory, which is normal.

Most probably, the issue of excitement urination will get resolved as your puppy grows up and learn to control its bladder. They’re not trying to make you angry by peeing on things, they are just exploring and considering the whole world an adventure.

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